Hongsam best quality compatible inkjet ink cartridge for Canon iPF 8000 9000

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Hongsam best quality compatible inkjet ink cartridge for Canon iPF 8000 9000 , within 700ML pigment ink



Colors:  C  M  Y  PC  PM  R  G  B  GY  PGY   MBK  BK 




1.    Brand new and 100% compatible with OEM printer

2.    One time chip can display ink level correctly

3.    700ml large volume will reduce your costs largely

4.    Hongsam premium pigment ink inside represents you amazing prints with high resistance to water, light and scratch

5.    No problem of clogging



Mainly for fine art reproduction, digital image, etc.



Having this kind of compatible cartridge, you just need to replace one cartridge after certain color is finished.


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700ml volume packaging for you

Keep away from sunshine, under 5-25 for 12 months.


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1.What will influence the print's performance?

Quality of the inks

Media types: Media of different brands and materials will receive obvious different performance.

Definition of original pictures: The higher of its definition is, the better the print's quality will be.

Resolution rate of the printer: If the printer's resolution rate is low, the print's quality won't be satisfied even the original picture's definition is high. Also, the resolution while printing will influence the print's quality.

Software: The same picture will get different color saturation while using different software.

Printer: As the printer manufacturers adopt different technologies, the print's quality will vary according to printers.

2.Which is better, dye ink or pigment ink?

That depends on what effect you want to receive. For pigment ink, it is waterproof and high lightfast. Therefore, it is a better choice if the output needs to be kept for a long time. For dye inks, its color gamut is wider. Therefore, it is a better choice if you only need to get a vivid image. Furthermore, the price of dye ink is far less than that of pigment ink.

3. I noticed that you have pigment ink for Digital Textile Printing, but I wonder whether you have white color that can be printed on dark background?

Yes. Hongsam has released white ink, which can be printed on dark garment, to its pigment ink for Digital Textile Printing. Our white ink has passed the nano test by the Shanghai Test Center of Nano Material already. Its pigment particles are below 300 nanometers. Now, our white ink has been successfully used by the customers all over the world.

4. Do you have solutions if my printer head is clogged?

Yes, we have developed three kinds of high effective cleaning lotions for the maintaining and clearing of printer heads that use dye ink, pigment ink and eco-solvent ink separately. The three are environmental friendly and the successful rate is nearly 100%.

5. How long is the shelf life of your ink?

Shelf life will vary depending on your storage conditions. Normally, two years from the date produced. Once opened, six months in winter and three months in summer at most.

6. How does your sublimation ink work?

Sublimation inks are dye colorants that, once printed and activated by heat, easily become a gas and have the property to bond with polyester or acrylic surfaces. Sublimated images are extremely durable against wash and scratch resistant since they become part of the substrate they have been sublimated to. In other words the image is protected within the surface.

7. I need your inks be transported by air, will the airways refuse your products as they are liquid?

It doesn’t matter. We have dgm certification for the inks.

8. I know that Epson cartridges have chips on their body. Can I refill them?

Yes, you can refill them after using the chip resetter provided by us. Furthermore, wewill provide you technical support to show how to refill step by step.

9. Is it true that you have developed water based pigment ink firstly in China?

Yes, in 2003, we have developed “Century Clear Color” pigment ink firstly in China. This series of pigment ink, having adopted the advanced colophony encapsulating technology, is highly lightfast and waterproof and its prints can be kept indoor as long as 75-100 years. Until now, we have formed a series of pigment ink for almost all the thermal and piezoelectric printers.

10. Can I refill your compatible cartridges?

We do not suggest you do that. If you can not refill in proper way, the ink will leak and harm your printer. Therefore, for most users, it is better to use our compatible cartridges directly.

11. Do you have textile inks?

Yes, we have four kinds of textile inks: “HOTME” Sublimation ink which can be printed on the textile of chemical fabrics with piezoelectric printers and piezo printers, “ReactoMe” reactive dye ink which can be printed on the textile of cotton, silk, wool, nylon, etc. with piezoelectric printers and thermal printers, “JETEXTILE” Pigment ink for Digital Textile Printing which can be directly printed on the textile fibers of cotton, viscose, wool, blends, etc. without any pre-treatment with all piezoelectric printers, “SILKMATE” Acid dye ink which can be printed on the textile of silk, wool, albumen fibre and polyamide with piezoelectric and thermal printers.

12.What should I pay attention to before I change to use Hongsam inks?

If you use original inks formerly, you can use our inks directly without any run-up operation or tedious cleaning. If you use other compatible inks formerly, you must do tedious cleaning before using our inks, as our inks are 100% compatible with original inks but may not compatible with other compatible inks.