House and Building Material Fiber Paneling

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US $1.5-2.99 / Kilogram | 50 Kilogram/Kilograms Price can be negotiated. (Min. Order)
Supply Ability:
1400 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month 96 extruders available
Quick Details
Wallpapers Type:
Place of Origin:
China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Waterproof, Moisture-Proof, Mould-Proof, Anti-static
Commerce, Household
Target Market:
Europe, USA and South East Asia
General Use:
Outdoor Furniture, Indoor Walling and Flooring Material
HDPE, UVA, Color Master Batch
PE Extrusion
Mixed Sky Grey
Glossy and soft texture
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:
We offer 2 kinds of packing: bulk bag packing and roll packing. Bulk bag packing is cheaper in the final goods because it takes less time for packing process but the packed PE rattan will occupy a little bit more space in the container since it is loose in the bag. Roll packing is a tighten-up roll of PE rattan with a PE film to fix. This packing is comparatively a little bit more expensive due to the fact that more time is spent in the packing. Advantage of it is it maximizes the space of the container.
Delivery Detail:
High Season: 15-20 days/50 metric tons, Low: 10-15 days/50 tons


All-weather, UV Stablized
Application: Outdoor&indoor
Warranty: 2-3 years. SGS Certified
100% HDPE
8 types of in-house tests


House and Building Material Fiber Paneling 


About Us

*Experience:We have been in the PE extrusion industry for more than 13 years. We are the leading  Fiber Paneling producer of China. Monthly output is 1500 metric tons/month.
*In-house Testing:We have all kinds of in-house testing machines including but not limited to ROHS, Melting, Tension,  UV, Humidity and Color Variation Testers.
*R&D:We are manpowered by one of most professional PE Rattan R&D teams of China. We enable customers to have all kinds of colors, effects, textures and glossiness within deadline.
*Certificates:We manufacture all products according to ISO2001:2000 quality control system guidelines.
*Subsidiary:We have another 3 PE rattan factories which are located in Shunde, Tianjin and Linhai, Zhejiang.


*Special Offer--- Rattan Furniture Production Training



Maximize Customer Value


 Case Study:

We have had successfully helped our customer in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Serbia to set up a rattan furniture factory from scratch on following aspects:

  1. Send rattan furniture collection to customer for selection and reference.
  2. Form a rattan collection.
  3. Ship the high-quality rattan with reinforced packing and sophisticated container loading.
  4. Design the engineering for the factory layout.
  5. Propose the machines, equipments and tools and ship them.
  6. One Senior Welding Technician and Weaving Specialist come to Georgia to train the production staff on iron tube cutting, bending, welding, grinding, powder coating and rattan weaving.
  7. After the training, we create a complete, detailed and professional archive including but not limited to pictures, files, wording, drawings and videos.
  8. We will provide on-going consultancy to our customer on production expertise and technique.
  9. We will provide refresh training upon request of customer.

We will do our best to help those whoe want to set up rattan furniture factory!!

 We are devoted to maximizing the values to customers. J



About the Product


Texture/Surface: Glossiness and soft texture.

Mold:High-tech. Mold lead time: 2-3 days. Mold cost: free of charge.
Advantages:UV-resistant, color-fast, waterproof, anti-mildew, comfortable, long-lasting, pest and fungus-free
Environment-friendliness: non-toxic, recyclable and ecologically sound




*Products Applications:

*Material Information
1. Raw Material: 100% HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)
2. UVA: Ultraviolet-Anti
3. Coloring Materials: Color Master Batch and Color Powder, high concentration of pigments, good dispersing agency, heat-resistance



*The Information of KG into Meter:


Rattn Size: Weight: g/m How many grams of 1 meterHow many meters of 1 kgHow many kg of 1 square meter


Dia. 58.48.41192.5










*Available Colors (including but not limited to the following options):




1. Thickness: 0.1mm
2. Width: 0.1mm
3. Diameter: 0.1mm
4. Gram: 7-9g/m for 8*1.4 size PE rattan. Gram tolerance of other sized wickers can be referenced accordingly.



*Profile Picture of PE Rattan





*Testing Information
2. High Temperature Resistance
3. Low Temperature Resistance
4. Tensile Strength at Yield
5. Elongation at Break
6. UV Exposure
7. Humidity
8. Color Variation
9. Salt
10. Xenon-arc Exposure
11. Flexural Strength
12. Load at Yield




*Machine Information
1. Extruding Machine: 96 extruders
2. Mixing Machine
3. Packing Machine
4. Traction Machine
5. Crusher
6. Scratching Machine
7. Embossing Machine






1. Width

2. Thickness

3. Diameter

4. Texture

5. Glossiness

6. Finish Color

7. Shape

8. Density

9. Packing



*Warehousing Conditions
1. Shady
2. Cool
3. Dry
4. Dust-free



* Maintenance

1. Dust collecting with a mini vacuum cleaner
2. Brushing with a brush or wet rag
3. Mild soap and water or slightly salty water
4. Kept away from fire



  *Supply Capacity Information
*Production Lead Time:
1. High Season (September to April): 15-20 days/50 metric tons
2. Low Season (May to August): around 10-15 days/50 metric tons

1. Lead Time: 3-5 days.

2. Free samples are available.


*FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):


1. Q: Can we put furniture made with Baihuiming PE rattan outdoor year-round?

A: Yes. Baihuiming is the all-weather wicker that is designed and engineered for outdoor use. Baihuiming wickers perform best in temperatures ranging from 10-30 degrees Centigrade.


2. Q: Are Baihuiming Wickers available in a variety of colors and sizes?

A: Yes. Baihuiming manufactures over 5000 different wickers, available in a variety of colors, textures and sizes. You can select from our Core Collection or if you need customized specifications, we can accommodate this need too. Baihuiming also offers total custom capabilities for designers looking for a specific wicker color, weight or style. Contact your sales representative for more information.


3. Q: Do products made with Baihuiming wickers need special maintenance?

A: No. To remove surface dust, simply rinse with water. For tougher build-up, use a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar or mild soap, then rinse. To avoid water-spots, towel dry if necessary.


4. Q: Will Baihuiming wickers be affected by rain, salt water and chlorine?

A: Baihuiming wickers are resistant to weathering, exposure to salt water and the common chlorine used in swimming pools. So, products made with Baihuiming wickers are perfectly safe at the beach or at the pool side.



5. Q: Will Baihuiming rattans fade from sun exposure?

A: No, Baihuiming rattans won’t fade, crack or slip and are warranted for 2 years. Its lasting value is a result of rugged durability, superior components and years of stringent weather and UV testing.


6. Q: Are Baihuiming rattans safe for the environment?

A: Yes, Baihuiming is the green choice. Baihuiming rattans are made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), a commonly recycled plastic made without heavy-metal plasticizers that is free of the toxic residue associated with other plastics. Baihuiming rattans, are non-toxic and can be 100% recycled, even when burned, no toxic substances are generated.


7.Q: Are Baihuiming rattans for outdoor use only?

A: Products made of Baihuiming rattans can be used indoor and outdoors. Since Baihuiming rattans are all-weather and water resistant, they can be used in a number of applications from architectural installations to wall coverings and flooring. The possibilities are endless.


8.Q: How do you conduct your Quality Check?

A: With intensive quality control, Baihuiming meets ISO9001:2000 system standard. We apply AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) into all stages, ranging from IQC (Incoming QC), IPQC (In-Process QC), FQC (Final QC) and OQC (Outgoing QC). Each Quality Check is properly filed for easy reference and tracking.


9.Q: To what products can Baihuiming rattans be applied?

A: Baihuiming rattans can be applied to a number of products. They are including but not limited to funiture, screen, planter, storage box, basket, wall covering, flooring, roof, lamp cover, table mat and decorative crafts.


10.Q: What are the materials of Baihuiming rattans?

A: They are 100% new HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), UV stablizer and color masterbatch. All of them are recyled and enviroment-friendly.


*Company Overview:




 *Production Flow: 







Our products are selling to all over the world!






Should you interest in our products, and want to have sample to check about our quality, please feel free to contact us. We would like to offer free samples to you!