IC Green Oil Enhancer

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10 Twenty-Foot Container per Month
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IC Green Oil Enhancer
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Patent No. 22011000501
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Engine Oil Additives
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The product is pack with a plastic container at 250ml per bottle and one box is composed of 24 bottles.
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Superior Benefits:
- Saves on fuel up to 45%
- Quick acceleration
- Reduces Carbon Emission by 80%
- Lengthen change oil

IC Green Oil Enhancer


A superior and unique kind of oil additive that enhances the motor oil and serves as a metal protector which significantly increase engine efficiency and performance to an unprecedental level. A product worthy to be considered in fighting Global Warming and the effects of climate change.


It acts as sealant for Gas Leaks thus increasing compression ratio of your engine. Hence a significant reduction of emission. Expert have proven that curing CO emission failure results in 23.1% increase in fuel efficiency!


It forms a strong multi-molecular magnetic oil film which reduces friction. When applied, it filled up and stays in rough and tiny holes of the metal surface.


It contains the following synthetic compounds; thermal stabilizers which keep engine temperature in ideal range. Preventing the build of hot zone. It has also inhibitors of oxidation and anti-dispersants allowing longer use of the oil. Its cleansing capability is beyond dispute in any product demo presentation. The super anti-foaming ingredient of the oil makes the oil more stable under the extreme pressure.


It has a unique static additive compound that allows full lubrication enen at cold cranking. A condition, according to studies that 80-85% of wear and tear happens.


Direction for use:


Oil additive - 1 bottle (250ml)


Percentage of mixture with motor oil:


Motor Oil                     Oil Additive

4-5 liter                       1 bottle of 250ml

6-10 lit.                        2 bottle of 250ml

11-15lit                       3 bottle of 250ml


IC Green Oil Enhancer:


1. Change the existing motor oil

2. warm up the engine for ten (10) minutes

3. shake well before using

4. pour 250ml of IC Green Oil Enhancer to 4 to 5 liters of any brand of motor oil

5. start the engine and idle for the 10min.




Compression Test:


                                                Average Pressure

Vehicle Type                         Before(w/o)               After (w/ IC Green)                      Increase in Compression                % Increase

Mitsubishi Lancer                147.50                        170                                                            22.75                                              16.00%

Nissan Sentra                      136.00                        196                                                            60.00                                               37.90%

Nissan Maxima                    157.50                         200                                                           42.50                                               25.005%



* compression pressure range from 16% to 37.90%. compression on all cylinders also equalized, resulting in quiet and smoother runing of engine.      


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