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Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
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The JKGHYBA58 series reactive compensation measuring device is a new type low-voltage reactive-load compensation controller that

a.       Product Description:

The JKGHYBA58 series reactive compensation measuring device is a new type low-voltage reactive-load compensation controller that integrates measurement, control and display. In comparison with the conventional low-voltage reactive-load compensation controller on the market, it mainly integrates the common voltmeter, ammeter, power factor meter, reactive power meter and active power meter into one controller. It can further display the three-phase compensating current and the capacitance switching state. The product uses the RS485 communication system and can connect at most 32 HY series combined type low-voltage electric capacitors of the company by networking.


b.       Main Features:

1.       It uses a special electrical energy measurement chip so as to make the measurement parameter become more accurate and the control efficiency become higher.

2.       It displays more contents. The device can display the three-phase voltage, three-phase current, three-phase power factor, bonded phase power factor, three-phase active power, three-phase reactive power and three-phase compensating current. It can further display the capacitor switching state.

3.       The equipment has a friendly human-computer interface that can make it convenient for the user to inquire the parameters such as voltage, current, power factor, active/reactive power compensating current etc. The user can change and set the parameters such as overvoltage value, over-temperature value, capacity, time delay, transformation ratio, upper and lower limits of the power factor etc.

4.       It uses an anti-interference single-chip and the double watchdog technology. It further uses the count voting and measurement chip efficacy code comparison method on the software, so as to enhance the disturbance resistance capacity of the equipment and ensure the equipment can operate reliably.


c, technical parameters

Work environment

1, ambient temperature: -25 °C ~ 55 °C;
2, relative humidity: 40 °C 20% ~ 90% of the time;
3, Altitude: ≤ 2000m.
4 Other Requirements: There was no explosive media, non-conductive dust and corrosive gas.
Power Supply

1, operating voltage: 220V/380V ± 20% Frequency 50Hz voltage distortion ≤ 20%;
2, power consumption: ≤ 5VA/8VA.


1, Voltage: 0.5;
2, current: 0.5;
3, active: 0.5;
4, reactive power: 2;
5, power factor: ± 0.01.

Control accuracy
1, the power factor: ± 0.01;
2, the reactive power: minimum capacity of the capacitor ± 120%.

Control capacity HYBA580

1, the three-phase compensated: ≤ 20 units;
2, phase compensation type: ≤ 20 units;
3, mixed Compensation: ≤ 20 units.

Installation dimensions

Dimensions: 156mm (w) × 166mm (h) × 175mm (d)
Installation hole size: 148mm (w) × 158mm (h)

Control capacity JKGHYBA581

1, the three-phase compensated: ≤ 32 units;
2, phase compensation type: ≤ 32 units;
3, mixed Compensation: ≤ 32 units.

Installation dimensions

Dimensions: 360mm (w) × 142mm (h) × 120mm (d)
Installation hole size: 340mm (w) × 115mm (h)