Industrial Ceramic Kitchen Hot Panel Infrared Burner HD242

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Chongqing China
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Quick Details
Hot Plate Parts, infrared burner
Place of Origin:
Chongqing, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Main material:
Cast iron body, honeycomb with rare-earth catalyst
Rare earth catalytic in gas burner
Conversion rate:
above 90%
Working Pressure:
above 11000hr
Baking, drying for agriculture product, fruit, nut, vegetable
Heating mode:
Infrared Radiant Heating
20% gas energy cost be saved
flameless, smokeless, low popllution
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Out packing: carton
2pcs per carton
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Within 5-10 days after order

Product: Industrial Ceramic Kitchen Hot Panel Infrared Burner  (HD242) 



Advantages of infrared burner:

  • Energy saving:                   conversion rate≥90% 
  • Environmental protection: CO≤80ppm;NOx≤10ppm;CHx≤50ppm 
  • Whole combustion:            95% of energy released in the form of infrared ray; heating the objects directly 
  • Long useful time:               ≥11000hr
  • Easily installed

Material Descriptions of infrared burner:

Shell:gray cast iron
Upper cover:stamped  stainless iron
Burning net:Fe-Cr-Al material
Core components:cordierite honeycomb burner plates with rare-earth catalyst-coated 


The user manual of infrared burner

1:Technical parameters



Technical parameters

Light-off temperature


complete combustion temperature



Heat source temperature


around 850

Baking temperature range


Wavelength range


Furnance pressure


gas 150mmAq;liquefied petroleum gas 280mmAq



Comparison table of energy consumption

  Furnace type






Oil furnace

Coal-fired furnace


Infrared catalytic heaters


Energy requirement











Energy consumption


Electricity(15 kW/h)



Electricity (1Kw/h)+ diesel (2Kg)

Coal (10Kg)




Heating time



20 minutes


40 minutes

90 minutes

5-8 minutes




Main purposes of infrared burner:

1. Coating Industry: forging heat coating, liquid, powder coating, pre-heating the water to deal with dry acid.

2. The food industry: drying for processed food such as  cookies, egg rolls, snow rice cakes, shredded squid, fish sauce, ham etc;tea processing and baking.

3. Agriculture and animal husbandry:  keeping warm for a variety of birds, the livestock shed;grain drying.

4. Food and beverage industry: all kinds of barbecue, fruit and vegetable dehydration.

5. Drying operation in printing and dyeing, paper, wood, carpet and other industries

6. Bake ceramic mold industry, the Health and embryos, the surface drying of glazed ceramic tiles.

7. The heat treatment of metallic materials (300 --- 800 ).

8. Heating ,warming and insulation for commercial buildings and  workshop








Catalytic FAQ

Why Choose Our Infra-Red Catalytic gas Burner & Heater & Emitter

HaoDongTM Infrared Catalytic Compared to other Infrared Bands

  • Stainless steel housing, framing& rivets: Lengthens life and improves performance of heater
  • Weled construction:                                        Redundant structural intergrity & gas tight seal
  • Heater hight:                                                      Significanly less heat loss out back of heater
  • Center structural ribs on heaters:               Prevents width warping affecting gas seal & cure control
  • Thick catalytic pad:                                          Improves uniform heat transfer
  • Higher operating pressures:                          Improved controlablity of temperature 

  HaoDongTM Infrared Catalytic Compared to Convection

  • No flame
  • Heats objects faster:                                        Reduce time and space required
  • Rapid cure temperature:                                 Significant gas and space saving
  • Oven zoning capability:                                    Control over energy usage for individual part cure times
  • Produce vitually no CO and NOx:                   Reduce toxic emission and environmental expense
  • Lower fuel emission:                                        Less conditional plant air loss from ventilation
  • Fuel utilized more efficiently:                          Less make-up air required
  • Accurate temperature control:                      Fewer incidences and popping 

Our Infrared Catalytic gas burner —— Key  Technique:

 1. High performance Oxygen Storage Materials (OSM):  Rare Earth —— Noble Technique for civilian

 2. High specific surface area materials:   resist high temperature

 3. High efficient Energy saving: CO control technique; NOcontrol technique; 

 * Our Rare Earth materials own the international leading level, better than RHODIA from France.

 *  We are the only one Chinese manufacturer and supplier of Infrared Catalytic gas burner & hearter.


Advantages of Industrial Ceramic Kitchen Hot Panel Infrared Burner (HD242) : 

  • Energy saving:                         10% ~ 20%
  • High energy convert rate:       ≥95% 
  • Environmental friendly:          CO≤80ppm; NOx≤10ppm; CHx≤50ppm 
  • High efficiency:                        Start work in 8 seconds.
  • Long useful time:                    ≥11000h 
  • Flamess & Smokeless
  • Resistance to Carbon formation, water knot, high sintering


Company Introduce

Chongqing HaoDong Technology Co., Ltd, is only one in China and one of few companies worldwide who can actually manufacture CATALYTIC emitter. It's called Infrared Catalytic technique, differring from infrared ceramic heater or infrared heater.


The HaoDongTM Infrared catalytic gas emitter& burner & heater was pioneered in the Infra-Red technology product line. It uses a safe, flameless,propriety technology to produce infra-red energy through a catalytic reaction.This means NO FLAME is used to generate heat.Convection ovens,by contrast, use a flame to heat the surrounding air to heat raise the surface temperature of the product. As the flameless construction,the HaoDongTM can be ordered certified to be explosion-proof.


Beyond the safety and energy saving, the  HaoDongTMtypically requires 1/3 of the floor space needed to the cure with convection heat.Because infrared heat is directly absorbed by the part and energy is not wasted by heating the surrounding air,parts therefore get to temperature quicker.This means that lines can run faster or cure times shorter.The result is you pay less energy which reduce overall operating costs and repairing costs.


HaoDongTM usage can also result in a higher gloss and brighter finish for finished products.In liquid paint applications,the infrared energy allows solvents and water to be driven out of paint before a skin can form.In powder applications,gelling and corss-linking of the powder accurs at a faster rate and prevents powder blow-off from air movement.


HaoDongTM Infrared catalytic gas emitter& burner & heater can be applied for 1) Curing 2) Drying 3) Shaping 4) Heating. such as paint booth, spray booth, powder coating, various industrial ovens, water evaporation, thermo-forming, preheating, barbecue machine, grill machine, poultry brooder, warming system in building.


Welcome to communicate. Do believe our full experience in Infra-Red and best service for every customer can find right solution for you.