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We would like to introduce our DURABLE Plastic Thermal Insulated Box for Seafood Processing, Ice Cube, Fishery industries

Our Thermal Insulated Box inner core is filled with "Polyurethane" (PU) as to maintain the temperature within. This box utilizes an advance foam-in-place Polyurethane (PU) insulation technology. The outer layers are also made of proven quality PE (Polyethylene) polymers, which are Non-Toxic, Food Grade and Sunlight (UV) Resistant. These boxes are Rust & Rot Free, Long Lasting, Extremely Strong, Easy to Handle, Maintain and Hygienic. One Piece seamless moulded with an excellent adhesion between the internal PU & external PE providing maximum thermal insulation. The smooth seamless surface also allows easy maintenance and cleaning.

Other sizes available - 1000litre (4-way), 800litre (2-way), 600litre (4-way), 450 (2-way), 350litre,  100litre, 75litre & 50litre