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Lose Inches in 45 minutes It Works Body Wraps! Introducing The Ultimate Body Wrap by It Works! All-natural fat-burning wrap!

We have an immediate need for local distributors in your area.

No experience necessary
Industry-leading compensation and pay plans
All-inclusive training
24/7 support to assure your success
A fun and energetic team
Great opportunity to make a great income from part-time work

There are two different ways you can order the It Works Body wraps and their related products. One way would be to pay the retail price to try them out (they are very can get 4 wraps for only $89.00) or you can join the Loyal Customer program where you can get all of the products at wholesale price (the 4 body wraps would only be $49.00). If you enroll in the Loyal Customer program, you are just required to be enrolled for a minimum of 3 months....but you will be enjoying the wholesale price of all the products.