Italian Beauty Cosmetics for Oxygen facials & body treatments and homecare

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EUR 1-2 / Acre | 1 Acre/Acres (Min. Order)
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40 Box/Boxes per Month
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Quick Details
Cream, Lotion
Supply Type:
OBM (Original Brand Manufacturing)
Acne Treatment, Anti-Aging, Anti-Wrinkle, Firming, Lightening, Moisturizer, Nourishing, Skin Revitalizer
Main Ingredient:
Aloe Vera, olive fruits oil
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Brand Name:
Roseline and Jaline
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cosmetics made for 28% of aloe vera leaf gel + other ingredients
extra virgin olive oil based cosmetics
solve in distilled wheat, enriched with fresh wheat grass extract
50 ml, glass made
Italy made
studied for oxygen treatments
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Packaging Details
box of 36 bottles / 50 ml each
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Shipped in 7 days after payment
Italian Beauty Cosmetics for Oxygen facials & body treatments and homecare
Our naturak skin care products: JALINE TONICS, JALINE OILS, ROSELINE GELS.
 5 Reasons to enjoy Exar natural skin care cosmetics
  • So natural, so effective. Made with fresh herbal extracts, the tonics, oils and gel creams are glycerin free, paraben free, petroleum jelly free and produce concrete beauty results on skin tone, wrinkles, skin complexion, oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin prone to redness and so on.
  • They are compatible with each other. A skin usually has more problems. You can mix our natural cosmetics and cope with more blemishes per time.
  • They allow customized doses. Different skin need different dose. A Joline tonic with dropper/50 ml lasts 45-60 applications, a Roseline gel with dropper/50 ml lasts 55-70 applications.
  • From plants picking to bottling every product is handmade to preserve fresh plants Properties.
  • Multifunctional: for instance, Joline Camellia oil is perfect for mature skin, lips and breast

All the EXAR Cosmetics have been studied for 3 different kinds of usage:

  • Beauty cabin treatments
  • Oxygen facials and body treatments - we have developed the Exar Oxygen Protocols.
  • Home care as here below indicated
Composition. They are completely natural: each tonic, oil and emulsion-gel is cruelty free, they come from fresh herbal extract, they are fluidified in wheat grass extract, they do not have either glycerin or glycols and they are free from parabens, sulfate and chemicals.
Usage indication. The tonics and the emulsion-gels have been developed to be driven into the skin together with oxygen – extremely rich in antioxidants such as wheat grass extracts and aloe, the tonics are delivered with normobaric oxygen, the emulsion-gels with hyperbaric oxygen, both the type of cosmetics ensure excellent safe results, in respect of skin’s oxidative balance.
Action.The studied tonics and gel together with oxygen bring to life specific treatments for wrinkles, redness, lips, dull skin, sagging breast, cellulite and heavy & swollen legs.
Features.They are compatible with each other – a client / patient usually suffers from different skin problems, with the Exar tonics you just need to know a few rules to create in full security all the possible mixes and cope successfully with more problems per time. They allow customized doses – no cosmetic ampoules. Different kinds of skin need different dose of the same product: more drops if for thicker older skin, less drops for younger subtler skin.

Jaline 1 Regenerative   tonic for all kind of skin

(calendula, aloe, wheat grass) 


Jaline 2 Tonic for delicate skin and skin with redness problems due to outside agents

(wheat grass, hazel, nut, chestnut, oak)


Jaline 3 Firming & anti-wrinkle tonic

(wheat grass, ginseng and elder)


Jaline 4 Tonic for greasy & acneic skin

(wheat grass, burdock, lavender, calendula)


Jaline 5 Breast firming tonic

(wheat grass, elder, european   goats’ rue, fenugreek


Jaline 6 Adjuvant   tonic in cellulite treatment + Jaline 6   Adjuvant spray in cellulite treatment

(wheatgrass, bladder-wrack, calendula, chili pepper,   ginger)




Composition - Completely natural, their moisturize comes only from fresh plants’ extracts. Each Jaline oils is made of 90% extra vergine olive oil and 10% precious poppy or camellia petals extract


Usage in the beauty center: once you have finished spraying the Jaline tonic, fill the Oxy Gun tank with 7-10 drops of Jaline oil, alternatively Poppy or Cammelia. Spray the chosen Jaline oil together with oxygen on still wet face and massage with light touch the emulsion on the skin using the free hand. This step requires 3-5 minutes


Usage at home: the Jaline Oils can completely substitute the classical day and night creams. The client wash her face, then she massages 7 drops of Poppy Oil in the morning and 7 drops of Camellia Oil in the evening.


Action: the oils’ light touch massage helps the local blood flow, oxygenates, relaxes, is pleasant and, on top of that, it helps the client to take care of her beauty, as she works actively everyday for the good result of the oxyskin treatment.
Each emulsion-gel consists in an oily part (base: Extra Vergine Olive Oil) and a jelly watery part (base: Aloe Vera leaf gel)
The main ingredient is Aloe Vera, the 28% of the whole composition of eachgel. The antioxidant regenerative properties of Aloe Vera have been confirmed from all the latest studies.
Each emulsion-gel has to be shaken before usage, (then you smear the product on the skin before the hyperbaric oxygen infusion) in order to create any time the emulsion.
The fatty component of the emulsion-gels make them useful not only as final product carried into the skin with hyperbaric oxygen, but also as home care product, to be used instead of the common creams.


Roseline 1 Gel Regenerative Action for all kinds of skin


Roseline 2 Gel For sensitive skin and redness coming from external agents


Roseline 3 Gel Firming and anti-wrinkle


Roseline 4 Gel For greasy and acneic skin


Roseline 6 Gel Adjuvant in cellulite treatment