Janitza UMG511 Power Quality Meter

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Power Quality Analysis according to EN50160. Equipped with each 4 voltage and current measurement inputs, the UMG510 acquires the rms voltages and currents in power grids from 40 to 70 Hz. By sampling and analog to digital conversion the internal DSP (digital signal processor) determines the electrical quantities. For three phase measurements the load relevant voltage can be defined as line-to-neutral or line-to-line voltage. The load relevant voltages are further processed for harmonic analysis, flickermeter and transient and event recording.

The measured values and the recorded data are available for reading out via Ethernet by the PAS510 PC-software. The PAS510 software is provided with every unit in accordance to DIN EN 50160 and EN 61000-2-4.

Automatic adaption to power line frequencies from 15Hz ... 440Hz


Measurement window of 10 (50Hz) or 12 (60 HZ) periods (200ms)


Gapless sampling and calculation of:

- RMS voltage line-neutral

- Star point and unbalance L1 ... L3

- RMS voltage line-line

- Frequency (same for all inputs)

- RMS current each input, sum L1 ... L3, sum L1 .. L3 + N

- Power (active, reactive, apparent, power factor, distortion power)

- Sum power L1 ... L3 of the above values

- Active energy (consumed/delivered), main and auxiliary input

- Reactive energy (inductive/capacitive), main and auxiliary input

- Voltage and current harmonics (up to 50th order), up to 3,5 KHz

- Interharmonics, current and voltage (up to 50th order)

- Voltage and current THD (total harmonic distortion)

- Flickermeter (Pf5, short term Pst, long term Plt)

- Ripple control signal level



Profibus DP V0, RS485 (Modbus/RTU, Gateway Ethernet to Modbus), Fast Ethernet 10/100Base-TX

Protocols: HTTP, NTP, Modbus TCP, Modbus over TCP, DHCP Measured values and recorded data can be read out via TCP/IP (Ethernet). The PAS510 software is provided for configuration and analysis of the recorded data. The fieldbus protocols (Modbus/RTU, Modbus/TCP, Profibus) can be used to control the digital inputs and outputs and to read out current measurement values.


Acquisition and recording


Acquisition and recording of minimum, maximum and mean value of any measurement value, programmable time base Acquisition and statistical recording (histogram) of a programmable

timebase Detection of voltage sags and swells of at least half cycle duration


Detection of voltage interruptions

Detection of inrush currents of at least half cycle duration


Detection of transient events from 70μs

Energy metering (active and reactice, consumed and delivered), 4 Tariffs

Data storage in internal 128MB flash memory

Line writer for 512 half eyeles (rms-values) in case of events

Digital In/Out


8 digital inputs, used for selection of Tariff, external synchronisation and enabling of recordings, pulse counter for external meters.

5 digital outputs, user configurable as pulse or alarm output

8 programmable comparators for monitoring of up to 4 values each