Jerky-beef-meat-fish Dryer & Dehydrator, commercial to industrial

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Place of Origin:
South Korea
Meat Processing Machinery


Electric Heater or Gas/Oil Burner type
Tray Drier Machine
Atmospheric Forced Convection
Cabinet Batch
Optional Trays Trolley

* Drying area from 6 to 60 square meter or more, from commercial to industrial

* Good for various meats for jerky

* Uniform and fast drying by advanced airflow system

* Safety alarm system, digital thermostat, digital timer, over-heat prevention and circuit breaker are applied as standards.

* High energy efficiency by polyurethane foam insulation with galvanized steel (optional stainless steel)

* Atmospheric forced convection


< Options >

* Convection heat source: Electric Heater or LPG/LNG/Gas/Oil burner

* Welcome custom made to suit customers requirements for specific drying objects and capacity

* Trays trolley, rolls in & out of the chamber easy and fast

* Stainless steel body and tray


< Reference >

tray dryer, food dryer, food dehydrator, drier, dried food processing machine, cabinet dryer, economic industrial dryer, agricultural food dryer


< Application >

* Meats: Beef, Lamb, and Venison can be dried for Jerky


< Technical Specifications >







Drying Area

6 m2

13 m2

15 m2

30 m2

60 m2


Heat Source

Electric Heater

Gas/Oil Burner

Heating Capacity

3 KW

6 KW

39,000 Kcal/hr

39,000 Kcal/hr

63,000 Kcal/hr

Number of Tray

12 tray

24 tray

28 tray

56 tray

112 tray

Size of Tray

885 x 605  mm2

Tray Spacing

95 ~ 100 mm

Temp. Range

Ambient ~ 90 oC