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Spice Depot JoJo Potato was originally formulated for potatoes but has become a staple all-around seasoning blend

Spice Depot JoJo Potato was originally formulated for potatoes but has become a staple all-around seasoning blend for everything from soup to spiced nuts. JoJo's found its way into purses, desk drawers, lunch boxes and cottage kitchens and is often-times the Spice Depot blend that consumers try first. Maybe it's the name.

The classic JoJo Potato doesn't really exist, rather it is all potatoes prepared in any way, with JoJo Potato Seasoning added solo or in tandem with other ingredients.

One very simple, low-fat no-fry twist on French fried potatoes is to cut baking potatoes into wedges (leave nutrient-rich skin on, or peel, as desired), mist wedges or toss them in a small quantity of olive oil, then dust with JoJo Potato Seasoning. Bake in a 350 oven for 30 minutes or so, depending on the size of the wedges and until a poke with a fork shows they are soft inside and fully-baked. The Spice Depot test kitchen turns up the heat a bit at the end to brown them quickly before serving. Serve with regular or sun-dried tomato ketchup or Spice Depot Garlic Pepper Mayonnaise for dipping.

This quick and easy potato recipe works just as well with Spice Depot Spicy Sea Salt, Spicy Chicken, Sea Salt and even Salad Seasoning. Garlic Pepper works beautifully in potato recipes for salt-free menus.

A quick and creative housewarming or hostess gift idea for potato lovers (and who isn't one really?) is to build a spud basket of russet and new potatoes, a potato peeler and a trio of Spice Depot JoJo Potato Seasoning, Garlic Pepper, and BBQ Burger or New York Steak.

Teenagers who eat like machines but can be difficult to please, love JoJo Potato Seasoning on good-old KD (boxed macaroni & cheese) - a match made in heaven for exam-cramming, late-sleeping, perennially hungry 17 year-olds.

In many kitchens, JoJo Potato Seasoning takes pride of place on the kitchen table alongside the Sea Salt and Black Peppercorn grinders.

Experiment with JoJo in your kitchen and remember to let us know when you come up with innovative ideas or recipes to share.

100% recyclable plastic grinder top and glass bottle, safety sealed for your protection.