KB Glutathione Capsules with Rosehip and Vit C Skin Whitening and Lightening

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KB Glutathione Capsules Skin Whitening and Lightening with Vitamin C
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 Aside from whitening the skin, this supplement inhibits free radical damage. it has been researched for its ability to convert harmful compunds like pesticides, solvents and Air pollutants into less harmful substances that can be flushed from the body.
On the cellular level, Glutathione may facilitate the transport of important nutrients across cell membranes while supporting the integrity of red blood cells. It may significantly enhance quality of life and prevent liver and kidney damage in patients who are recieving chemotherapy. It may also support health during radiation therapy. Gutathione may improve liver function in recovering alcoholics. Its deficiency has been associated with cataracts and supplementation has shown promising results. Its deficiency has also been associated with Parkinson's disease. Glutathione can support immune function and is used in the treatment of AIDS. This supplement may treat respiratory infections in children.
The TRUTH about Oral Glutathione Supplementation

Be it reduced or otherwise, you only absorb less than half of the glutathione you take orally.   Some research even indicates that even a massive dose of 3000mg of oral glutathione levels to a clinically beneficial extent.


This is because glutathione is not efficiently absorbed across the gastrointestinal tract.   Once the glutathione enters the stomach, digestive enzymes destroy a good part of it leaving only a minimal amount to be absorbed in the small intestine.   When it gets there, the intestinal epithelial cells where it still needs to be broken down into amino acids before it gets distributed through the entire body.


Latest study reveals that taking the free form amino acids components of glutathione is much better because it withstands the attack of the stomach enzymes and passes easily thought the intestinal epithelial cells and directly into our system.   This formulation of Kyusoku Bihaku Glutathione Activator plus NAC takes this new study to heart and came out with the equal amounts of the unbounded free from glutathione components i-cysteine, glycine and glutamic acid. 


To add to the effectiveness of KB, N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) was added to the blend.


In his book Vita Nutrient solutions, the famous Dr. Robert Atkins said that “NAC raises glutathione levels in the body, something that oral supplements of glutathione itself cannot do.”


A powerful anti oxidant by itself, NAC apart from being the best boosting the glutathione levels in the body, also helps in retraining the body’s glutathione supply much longer.   This means that KB users get to enjoy the benefits of elevated glutathione level in a more consistent and sustained manner.


KB comes as a set with a separate bottle of Vitamin C Rosehips 500mg.  Vitamin C has been proven to aid in amino acid synthesis.  KB Vitamin C contains rosehips harvested from the high mountainous regions of Chile in South America and Belgium in Europe.


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