Kochima Jade Mattress

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Money cannot buy our healthy. Jade mattress is multiple purpose healthy & medical mattress that can improve our health and relax

Money cannot buy our healthy. Jade mattress is multiple purpose healthy & medical mattress. Give a reward for yourself to enjoy and relax after one day hard work or buy for your loved one to improve his/her health.

During the ancient times the emperors loved to use beds made of natural jade.Jade is the most valuable treasure for imperial families and orientalsociety believes that jade gives the mysterious effects to a humanbody. According to "Holy Book of Oriental Medical Cure" it has thefunction such as downing body heats, minimizing thirst, strengtheningthe bones, glossing hairs, eliminating fatigue, and freshening thehead, it also activates blood circulation and removes the bad materialsfrom the body. Asian culture and oriental medicine indicate that ithelps increase and circulate energy (Chi) to help the body heal itselffrom imbalance.



a) Removes Toxins (wastematerial, poisons) that accumulate at the body joints

b) Burns Calories and Control Weight

c) Relieves Pain

d) Increase Blood Circulation and Strengthens Cardiovascular System

e) Eases Joint pain and stiffness

f) Improves the Immune System

g) Improves Skin

h) Reduces Stress and Fatigue

MORE BENEFITS:Results show an improvement in the cleansing of the entire body. Theabsorption of Long Wave Infrared Rays by the human body begins with theeliminated of carbon dioxide. All living bodies have toxins (wastematerial, poisons) that accumulate at the body joints. Some people feel improvements in the body system in one day, but it may take several months for others. The difference in reaction time is explained by the fact that the health of different people can vary greatly. Some have amuch more acidified body and have accumulated more waste material thanothers.

Different from ordinary light beams, long waveinfrared rays penetrate deeply. It warms our body from the inside out,and stimulates our immune system. The wave infrared ray penetratesdeeply into our skin and eliminates waste material through skin poresand promotes blood circulation. All of the following conditions havebeen alleviated or greatly improved: high or low blood pressure,diabetes, stomach ulcer, athlete's foot, hemorrhoids, constipation,inflammation of nose, hepatitis or gastritis, pyorrhea, eczema,neuralgia, metabolism, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and more.

KOCHIMAJADE MATTRESS warms deep inside our body while we are sleeping,expanding clogged-up capillaries, thus helping our body's bloodcirculation. This action helps dissolve clogged-up acidic wastes intothe blood stream. We recommend the users of KOCHIMA JADE MATTRESS to drink alkaline water to neutralize the wastes as they come into theblood stream. Sometimes the KOCHIMA JADE MATTRESS is called a lazyman's exercise tool because it works while we are sleeping. For peoplewith a physical disability, who may not be able to exercise properly,KOCHIMA JADE MATTRESS will be useful.


01. Water Proof Black Fiber Layer - prevent heat escaping to the floor and moisture from the floor.

02.Polyethylene Space Fiber Layer (white 3.5t thickness) - to emit farinfrared rays and negative ion and makes the mattress soft and flexible.

03.Polyethylene Film Space Fiber Layer (white 1.5t thickness) - to emitfar infrared rays and negative ion and makes the mattress soft andflexible.

04. Silicon Yam Wire Layer - each wire is consisting of 25,000 strips silicon fibers. It is unbreakable and non-inflammable.

05. Copper Clad Fiber Layer - to eradicate harmful electro magnetic waves.

06. Aluminums Fiber Layer - reduce and balance heat variation in the mattress.

07.Nanocera Layer - a newy developed material that continuously emits farinfrared rays and negative ions. It can be able to enhance bloodcirculation and immune system and decrease insomnia.

08. CharcoalPowder Coated Layer - 90% active carbon crystal from pine-tree. Ithelps to remove unpleasant smell, absorb moistures and produce negativeions.

09. 100% Cotton Layer - preserve heat and coolness during the usage.

10.Natural Jade Panel - 4,233 pieces of 5-element colors and designed highquality natural jades in single size or 7,200 pieces in double size arehandcraft laid. Natural Jade emits far infrared rays and negative ionwith or without electricity heat.