LAUNDRY BALLS for Washer - aroma scent

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10000 Piece/Pieces per Week
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Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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No detergent
No bleaching agent
No fabric softner
No skin irritation or allergy from washed cloths
With aroma scent

Characteristics of washing ball
1. Laundry ball design science, containing four kinds of special natural ceramic balls, non-detergent,with  flower fragrance after wash the cloth;
2. Laundry ball can replace the function of powder detergent;
3. Korean national authorities recognized the experiment has proven the ball laundry washing, bleaching, sterilization, such as the effectiveness of the perfect;
4. With the existing way of comparison Laundry, Laundry ball laundry use lotion with conservation, saving water, saving electricity, saving the time to be a variety of economic efficacy.
5. Korean national invention patents, invention of a world-class products.
6. No detergent laundry ball to protect the environment, health, science and other green features.

Laundry principle
1. The ball in the far ultraviolet to issue strong, and its wavelength heat the water molecules of hydrogen combine disconnect, water molecules become smaller because the group to become active after the campaign, which occurred in the effectiveness of immersion and washing effectiveness. At the same time as the release of negative ions to the surface tension of the water to reduce the interfacial tension, and the fiber to remove dirt, so can no laundry detergent;
2. Alkaline synthetic ball is to maintain the level of alkaline lotion (PH10 )
the rapid removal of clothing and dirt in the oily dirt;
3. To remove chlorine is to eliminate the Su-ball Su-chlorine compounds in the water, so that the surface tension of water to increase the washing effect flaccid;
4. Antimicrobial ball washing machines to water and eliminate the various fungi to enhance the activity of water and its inherent function;
5. Laundry ball outside of the friction process and the pressure emitted by the process will enhance the effectiveness of laundry.

1. Because they do not use lotion washing supplies, clothing and so no residual detergent fiber;
2. To prevent the result of Su-chlorine oxidation and discoloration, the effect of protective clothing, maintaining flexibility in fiber;
3. To remove the role of strong anti-bacterial fibers and washing inside the mold, the Hospital of bacteria, odor removal, clean;
4. Because of their complex role in the non-use of bleach, softener and other laundry aids products;
5. Children, women in particular, the skin more sensitive to those who must use the products;
6. Laundry cushion the ball of pent-up emotion among the clothing to prevent
7. A certain period (which can be 1 on 1 meeting), the laundry ball in the sun drying may play its lasting effect.

To make use of a general washing machine!
This product is a result of external heating plastic products so please do not !!

Washing ball can use for 3 year that's over 3000 washes if used twice a day.