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Air Shower

We offer free advice to our clients to help appraise the best product or installation to meet clients needs and free site visits with layouts, planning and other alternatives. We also provide after-sales service such as cleanroom maintenance, testing, replacement of filters and parts, repair works and consultations etc.
Our range of products and services are as follow:

1) M & E Works

Design and Install Cleanroom & Controlled Environmental System
Design and Install of Air Ventilation System
Design and Install of Air Conditioning System
Installation of Ducting System
Installation of Compress Air Piping
Turnkey Project for Cleanroom Facility

2) Air Filtration Products

ULPA Filter
HEPA Filter
Fan Filter Unit (FFU)
Secondary filter
Primary filter / Bag filter
AAF Air Purifier

3) HEPATEC Cleanroom Equipments

Air Shower
Pass Boxes
Laminar Flow Devices
Clean Booth
Air Volume Relief Damper

4) Other Products

PU & EPS panel (sandwich panel)
Epoxy Flooring System
Differential Pressure Gauge
PVC Strip Curtain
Booster Fan
Exhaust Fan
Chemical Resistance Exhaust Fan

5) Fabrication Works

Stainless Steel
Fiberglass Material

6) Other Services

Particle Count Test For Cleanroom and Laminar Flow Devices
Service and Repair of Air Conditioning System.