MATRIX protection chip

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Matrix neutralizes the damaging effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Matrix works by interfering with and neutralizing negative health effects of electromagnetic energy generated by cell phones and other electronic devices. The function of human cells is not only influenced by nutrients, medicines and hormones, but also by energy information. Cell phones produce electromagnetic radiation and the resulting energy penetrates the body and disturbs the natural energy state of cells. This disruption may alter cell signaling pathways, permeability of ion-exchange channels, membrane electric potential etc. of human cells and lead to damaging health consequences. Just like music information stored on a CD, energy information can be stored on a carrier material like the Matrix chip in the form of a binary code through a pulse generator. As this very low frequency energy is released in pulses, like medicine from a time-release capsule, it creates a noise field which has a neutralizing effect on the energy produced by cell phones. Man-made electronic devices usually produce energy that has a uniform and regular wave pattern in terms of frequency and amplitude. On the other hand, natural sources of energy generally produce mixed wave patterns with irregular profiles. Studies show that it is these non-random repetitive energy waves that produce harmful biological effects. Superimposing a "noise-field" through pulses of energy produced by Matrix converts these repetitive regular man-made energy waves into more random natural electromagnetic fields and mitigates their hazardous potential to biological systems.