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MELBROVIT is a natural energy stimulant with royal jelly as its main ingredient.

MELBROVIT® is a natural energy stimulant with royal jelly as its mainingredient. Royal jelly is a perfectly balanced food supplement for menand women who want to keep their strength and endurance in every stageof life, especially the middle aged and the elder. It is a uniquenatural substance with very special biological properties which cannotbe compared with substances from other natural sources. There is stillno compliant scientific explanation about its mechanism of action onmaintenance and improvement of health.

1 tablet contains 100 mg lyophilized royal jelly with the addition of 2 mg of menthol.

Therapeutic actions
With a biostimulating and revitalizing effect, it improvesstrength, restores vitality, averts fatigue, increases concentrationand memory and improves working ability, psychological and physicalcondition. It improves circulation, positively affecting the nutritionof brain cells and balance in nerve stimulation. It preventsatherosclerosis by reducing the levels of cholesterol and lipids in theblood. By modulating the immune system, it slows down aging, emolliatespain induced by arthritis, prevents allergic and asthmatic seizures.Menthol relaxes the musculature of the bronchi so breathing is mucheasier in conditions of asthma and bronchitis. MELBROVIT® does notcause addiction.

People exposed to stress or great strain, men with reduced sexualabilities, women in premenstrual and menstrual periods, women withmenopausal problems, students under intensive studying, businessmen andbusinesswomen, drivers.

Dosage and administration
1-2 tablets per day. Tablets should be dissolved in the mouth foras long as possible. It should not be swallowed. The effect of theproduct is usually reached in the first day. In more seriousconditions, improvement can be expected after 3 to 4 weeks but the fulleffectiveness after 3 months of daily usage of royal jelly.

Persons sensitive to royal jelly, pregnant woman, breastfeedingmothers, children, persons with diagnosed hyperthyreosis must avoidthis product.

32 tablets.

2 years

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