MSW(Municipal Solid Waste) Automatic Sorting System

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Place of Origin:
Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
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Ionia E&T Co., Ltd.
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MSW(Municipal Solid Waste) Automatic Sorting System


MSW(Municipal Solid Waste) Automatic Sorting System

1. It is a set of system to produce RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) by crushing combustible waste that can not be recycled after recyclable waste is selected through the process of pre-treatment of waste discharged from homes, collection of food waste, ferrous metals, glass bottles, plastics by substance, etc.

2. Composition of Equipment

  • Bag Opener, Rake Separator, Magnetic Separator, Trommel, Glass Bottle Automatic Color Sorting System, Plastic Automatic Color Sorting System, Ballistic, Vinyl Crusher, RDF Maker, Conveyor etc.

3. Characteristics of equipment

  • Customized design by properties, etc. of regional waste.
  • Biological treatment can be possible through efficient separation of organic matter (food waste, etc.)
  • Maximum recovery and recycling of recyclable waste (iron can, aluminum can, plastics, etc.) are available
  • Combustible materials such as small vinyls, films, packaging materials, etc. can be energized by the recovery
  • Through the selective recovery of incinerating waste, recycling efficiency can be improved, and through energizing of waste, recycling effect of waste resources can increase

4. Characteristics of Each Device

  • Bag Opener: Opens a bag by minimizing damage to the contents
  • Rake Separator: Selective recovery of vinyls only out of waste.
  • Minimizes environmental pollution such as dust, noise and vibration, etc.
  • Ballistic: Good separation efficiency of remnants such as high-level waste, low-level waste, soil, etc. through the proportion of waste and the elastic action of the separator paddle.
  • Trommel: Through separation by grain size of the waste, screening efficiency of the sorting system is improved
  • Glass Bottle Automatic Color Sorting System: Automatic sorting by color of glass bottle (in clear, brown, green), throughput and screening efficiency are excellent
  • Plastic Automatic Color Sorting System: Plastics included in the waste are separated by material (PET, PE, PP, PS), and high screening efficiency and high purity facilitate recycling
  • Disc Screen: Selective separation of biodegradable substances such as the relatively small size of the food waste, etc. and the efficiency of biological treatment facilities increase
  • Plastic Crusher: It is equipment to crush plastic and combustible waste into a certain size after a series of screening process. It has better crushing efficiency and less pollution than conventional crushers.
  • Vinyl Crusher: It is equipment to crush recovered vinyl into the size as required, and it is a pre-treatment facility for recycling Refuse Derived Fuel (RPF) or materials.
  • RDF Maker: It is a facility to manufacture crushed combustible waste in pellet-form of Refuse Derived Fuel. It resolves the issue including water impact, etc. of an existing machine, and it has a very high productivity.