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Gujarat, India


Plink Solutions is a Marketing Solutions provider assisting SMEs, start ups and NGOs / Government departments in building brands

Our Services

Marketing Consultancy Services:
The aim of marketing is to know andunderstand the customer so well the product or service fits him andsells itself. - We provide this expertise in understanding customersand evolve strategies for solving a problem / benefiting from anopportunity. We then partner our clients in executing the strategies.

Brand Management:
Don't tell me how good youmakeit; tell me how good it makes me when I use it. - We assist brandscreate the branding idea that makes their customers feel good aboutthemselves. Such a brand will reap benefits in the form of profits,growth, employee satisfaction and societal behaviour change.

Strategic Media Planning:
Arupee saved is a rupee earned. We analyse current spends or budgetedmedia spends of a brand and then optimise it with smart, innovative andimplementable media solutions based on our understanding of thecustomer to derive a better response at lesser spends.

Franchising Consultancy
Franchisingis not a business itself, but a way of doing business. - We assistbusinesses understand and develop this way of doing businees. ForFranchisors - we develop their Franchising model and partner execution.For Franchises - we assist them in finding the right franchisingopportunity based on their profile and then guide them to build itsuccessfully.

Customer Experience Managemet:
A brand is anexperience. Creating great customer experiences is the only way to growconsistently in this highly competitive and cluttered market. We assistorganizations create delightful customer experiences by developing andimplementing strategies that keep customer at the center of every keybusiness decision. By working to align departmental silos - marketing,finance, operations, human resources, training, communications and more around the customer experience, Plink helps organizations becometruly customer-centric.

And to ensure these efforts result ina meaningful business impact, we help create a systematic approach formonitoring, measuring and managing customer experience initiatives overtime. Our consultants assess the experiences customers really have atthe point of interaction through innovative quality assurance, mysteryshopping, brand compliance, inspection and audit programs. We thenprovide the diagnostics and action plan for reducing and eliminatingany operational deficiencies and gaps to consistently deliver positivecustomer experiences.

Training and workshops
We conductPlink your brand workshop for marketing professionals and managementstudents where we guide them through a systematic and strategic way tobrand or rebrand their company or products. We train resources forcorporate and institutions in the field of marketing, innovative mediaplanning and usage of technology