Motorbike driving simulator

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EF-BIKE Driving Simulator
High end motorbike driving simulator

EF-BIKE Driving Cab

Real motorbike chassis with genuine parts and dashboard from manufacturer.

2 axes motion platform : pitch, roll +/- 10°,40°/s.

Force feedback instrumented handle bars and torque sensor.

Manual shift five gears.

Separated front and back breaks.

ABS simulation


EF-BIKE Driving Software

Comprehensive training syllabus.

Based on the European A license program.

Multi lingual curriculum.

3D visuals: a new 3D database including a large city with ring road, junctions, country road, specific manoeuvre area, mountain.

Sound: Stereo sound for environment, vocal messages giving indication to trainee.


EF-BIKE Driving Options

Network capability with other driving simulators and Instructor station.

Specific software for Public Forces.


EF-BIKE Driving other compatible modules


System for the selection and evaluation of drivers