Msp Engine Oil Lubricant

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Motor Oils & Lubricants
General Composition:
Base Oil
Pure 100% Petroleum Based,Reducing Extreme Heat
All combustion engines (diesel, petrol, gas)
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Packaging Details
236mL: 48 bottles per box;473mL: 24 bottles per box;4L: 6 bottles per box; 19L: 1 pail
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From the nearest authorized dealer in your location


2.Size: 236mL,473mL,4L,19L
3.Feture:Pure 100% Petroleum Based,Reducing Extreme Heat

The history of MSP began in Siberia (Russia) , which has an average temperature of minus 40 degrees Celsius. This causes cold start problems for military vehicles such as tanks. At such extreme temperatures, the engine oil freezes up into starch-like consistency. After treatment with MSP, these vehicles are able to start even without a single drop of engine oil being pumped to the system. When the engine has been sufficiently heated, the engine oil will then be able to flow into the engine. The scientists who invented MSP went to the United States in 1990 to further improve the formula. Now MSP is sold to the military services of Russia, America, Israel, and Yugoslavia. MSP was commercially available from 1994, starting in USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.


Product Types

1.Metal Treatment

2.Engine Treatment



5.Penetrating Lubricant

6.Fuel Conditioner


Lubricant Products-Msp Engine Oil Lubricant

MSP Engine Formulation is a uniquely blended petroleum based formula that is compatible with all motor oils, gear oils and other lubricants.MSP Engine Formulation is the ultimate metal treatment that coats all metal surfaces with an ionized micro-layer of oil molecules and metallurgically forms (on the base metal) a durable polished micro-layer of metal.

1.For quieter, smoother, more powerful engine

2.Contributes to cleaner emissions

3.Reduces friction and eliminates up to 95% of engine wear
4.Engineered for all internal combustion engines

5.Pure 100% petroleum based (non corrosive, no solids, PTFE or metals)

6.Extends oil change intervals up to 3 times between oil changes (after 3 treatments)
7.Quadruples engine lifespan
8.Reduces extreme heat in turbo-chargers


For MSP Engine Formulation to work at its best, the engine must be hot.

1.Add in MSP Engine Formulation
2.Immediately after, rev the engine (put the gear in neutral (manual cars) or park (automatic cars), with the hand brake on and press the accelerator) at 2.5 to 3 thousand RPM for 10 to 15 minutes*

Older cars need to change the engine oil and filter after 1000km because of the cleaning process.

*Note that in newer cars, revs may drop to idling (due to the computer system within the car). Wait for a few seconds before resuming pressing the accelerator.


First Time Treatment: add 15% of your oil sum quantity
Subsequent Treatments: add 10% of your oil sum quantity

WARNING: Any equipment running with friction clutches, the dosage is between 3-5%.




FeturePure 100% Petroleum Based,Reducing Extreme Heat
UseAll combustion engines (diesel, petrol, gas)
ApplicationMotor Oils & Lubricants
General CompositionBase Oil
Delivery TimeFrom the nearest authorized dealer in your location
Packaging Details236mL: 48 bottles per box;473mL: 24 bottles per box;4L: 6 bottles per box; 19L: 1 pail
Supply AbilityAvailable