Nano Concrete Sealers coating

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STONE & CONCRETE SHIELD is anti-dirt sealing for sucking mineral grounds. STONE & CONCRETE SHIELD is a special coating basin

STONE & CONCRETE SHIELD is anti-dirt sealing for sucking mineral grounds.

STONE & CONCRETE SHIELD isa special coating basing on nano technology for concrete and naturalstone. Self organising antisticking-components confer your surface aninvisible coating with hydrophobic and olephobic characteristics.

The STONE & CONCRETE SHIELDis many-sided usable for open pored, sucking mineral grounds. Dirt-andwater resistant long-term coating for all porous materials.Veryeffective against moss-and seaweed growth.

Theproduct molecule docks immediately to the material surface and improvethe dirty-unfriendly effect on the surface considerably. To observe asin the plant empire, water and dirt bubbles after a shower simply from.

STONE & CONCRETE SHIELDoffers protection before environmental factors for years away and isUV-continual. Oil and other liquids can hardly penetrate walls orbottoms and a chemically aggressive cleaning is not necessary any more.Also mosses and algae cannot settle and the treated surfaces can besimply cleaned with water.

The use of STONE & CONCRETE SHIELD is simple and there originate no optical changes.

Care Instruction:

Before the application of STONE & CONCRETE SHIELD concreteand stone surfaces should be cleaned (e.g., V-Concrete & StoneCleaner). Then after the sealing the surfaces are simple to clean.

Areas of application:

Courtentrances, workshops, gravestones and sculptures, house walls, roughtiles, stairs and where dirt from perished and rough stone and concretesurfaces badly are to be removed.


According to surface and influence of the weather from 5 to 10 years.


Approx. 100-200 ml STONE & CONCRETE SHIELD per m ² with porous surfaces, with not porous surfaces approx. 20-100 ml STONE & CONCRETE SHIELD per m ² is required


STONE & CONCRETE SHIELDis sprayed on, rolled up or applied with the paintbrush. Then thesurface must dry and harden at least 12 hours (better 24 hours). Inthis time the surface may not be entered or get into contact with water(e.g., rain). You receive precise operating instructions by thedelivery.


10000 ml STONE & CONCRETE SHIELD based on the nano technology.