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A natural herbal tranquilizer that does not have side effects and is not habit forming.

A lot of people have been waiting for a natural herbal tranquilizer that does not have side effects and is not habit forming. We are very happy to introduce our Nonichai Herbal Tranquilizer. When it is necessary, for whatever reason, for a person to take a tranquilizer, they will see the difference between medication and our natural herbal product. One should not mix sleeping or tranquilizer medications together. If you decide to switch from the medicine tranquilizer to Nonichai herbal tranquilizer, please likewise do not mix that with medication. Take it by itself and see the good results Suggested Usage: No more than 2 capsules at a time, as needed. Allow one hour to take effect. If you need to repeat, you must wait minimum 4 hours. No more than 4 capsules in total per 24 hours. There are people who have sleeping disorders but are unable to take our Nonichai Laila Tov/ Sleep well product (which is contraindicated for diabetes, liver problems, high blood pressure, autoimmune conditions such as hashimotos hypothyroidism or if a person is on blood thinning medications). Fortunately, people in this category who suffer from sleeping disorders, can take instead Nonichai Natural Herbal Tranquilizer. Nonichai Herbal Tranquilizer is also useful for people who are in the habit of waking up at a certain time each night and have difficulty falling asleep again but they are unable to take the Sleep Well/ Laila Tov product due to the above mentioned reasons. In order to break this habit of waking up each night at a certain time, one should NOT take the Nonichai herbal tranquilizer one hour before going to sleep. Instead the person should go to sleep, because he has no problem falling asleep, but when he wakes again at his habitual time each night and cannot fall back asleep, then he should take two capsules of the Herbal Tranquillizer and he should be able to sleep the rest of the night, although it may take up to an hour before he falls asleep When taking Nonichai Natural Herbal Tranquilizer at bedtime do not take that same night Sleep Well / Laila Tov.