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Nuvo Oxygen Concentrator

Nuvo Oxygen Concentrator

Nidek Medicals Nuvo Oxygen Concentrator carries forward our commitment of providing reliable, cost-effective and quality products.

An Oxygen Concentrator is a machine that generates medical oxygen. It runs on electricity and the only maintenance required is the regular cleaning of filters. 

The Nuvo Oxygen Concentrator has been designed to provide a combination of enhanced features, reliability of a proven technology and unsurpassed quality.

The Nuvo Oxygen Concentrator is the largest selling concentrator in India. We promise you complete satisfaction and convenience.

Product Features
Quiet Operation - Sound Level less than 47 dBA
Lightweight - 22.7 Kgs - Easy to move
Slender & Sleek design with integrated handle
Easy access to filters & battery
Superior grade of molecular sieve
Patented maintenance free rotary poppet valve
Exclusive moisture reducing wick assembly
Reinforced base with recessed casters to guard against breakage
Spring mounted high efficiency Thomas compressor
Patented RPSA (Rapid Pressure Swing Absorption)
Simple design for ease of use & maintenance