Oriental Raisin Tree tea, huk-gae Tea

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Oriental Raisin Tree tea, huk-gae Tea


Oriental Raisin Tree [Scientific name: Hovenia ducis THUBN] is getting the spotlight of customers as its effectiveness becomes known to everybody.


Though Oriental Raisin Tree has been introduced as a fruit that helps recover the liver by doctors from all time, but most of people do not really know about the virtue of Oriental Raisin Tree.

Oriental Raisin Tree is getting more spotlights than ever because modern people lead very busy lives suffering from excessive work and all kinds of stress and lots of drinking parties including a company dinner, meetings and stress buster slow their liver function.


Because of such stress and drinking, the number of people who suffer from the liver problem, is increasing and as the Oriental Raisin Tree is renowned for its virtue and effectiveness, it is getting more favored by those who are willing to recover from the handover and protect the liver from substances such as alcohol.


Above all, the Oriental Raisin Tree is effective not only for protecting or relieving

alcoholic hepatitis, hepatocirrhosis, fatty liver, jaundice, diabetes and internal functions (bladder infection, constipation), but also for recovering from the hangover.

As a story said that if alcoholic beverages are kept together with the leaves, stem and fruits of Oriental Raisin Tree, alcoholic beverages become water releasing the alcohol, the Oriental Raisin Tree is proved its beneficial effects for every part related to alcohol and the hangover.

Oriental Raisin Tree serves not only for the hangover reliever, but also for the health, so the habitual use of Oriental Raising Tree is good for your health.


Oriental Raisin Tree tee produced by Kangwon Green Agricultural Cooperative Incorporated is made through advanced technology with its fruit and leaves as the main materials and we hope you live longer and healthier lives with our Oriental Raisin Tree tee.