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PERT Tube / Polyethylene of Raised Temperature Resistance Tube


Φ12/16mm(±0.1mm)with tube wall thickness 2mm(±0.1mm)
Φ16/20mm(±0.1mm)with tube wall thickness 2mm(±0.1mm)


Good flexibility, some bending stress relaxed & no rebound

Light weight, easy transportation, installation, construction

With good low temperature properties, suitable for winter construction

Good chemical resistance& environmental adaptability, durable for long

Long service life of 50 years in 70 °C & working pressure≤0.4MPa

Without any toxic additives & environmentally friendly products, recyclable

The tube outer wall smooth, low resistance without fouling, clean.

Impact resistance is 5 times than PVC-U pipe

Mechanical connection & hot melt, reliable, non-leakage, but PEX only mechanical                                                      


Films Wrapped and packing in plastic woven bag,

100m per roll or as your required (100m≈8.18kg)


Solar water heater, floor heating and solar engineering construction, etc.
OEM is accepted.