PS 150c Pump by solarenergymalawi

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12 to 24V Battery or Solar direct (Umax= 50VDC)
Charger for 12/24V Batteries and MPPT booster for solar
direct applications included.
Lift up to 22m (75ft)
Flow rate up to 5m³/h (1300USG/h)
Simple installation
Cost effective pumping
Livestock watering
Dugout floating pump
Pond management
4 well installations
For 12 to 24V systems (1-2 solar modules or batteries in series).
Same motor and controller for solar direct or battery systems.
PS-150-Centric is a submersible pump but can also be used as a
floating pump.
PS150 Centric is more powerful, energy efficient, quieter and
much more durable than other pumps in this range. The motor is
brushless and maintenance free. No electronics in the motor.
Construction & Features
Centrifugal mechanism, pump and motor all stainless steel
Freeze protection optionally (water drains back to source)
Brushless DC motor ( maintenance free) is same for 12 and
24V application.
MPP tracking, current booster for solar direct applications, Pump
speed control , Low Voltage Disconnect for battery protection,
Terminals for float / remote switch and low water probe included.
12/24V-20A Battery charger included.
Battery high run function. Pumps only when charging current
from the solar array is available. Cycling of battery is avoided and
lifetime greatly increased.
PV-Direct (non-battery) Requirements
A linear current booster incl. MPPT (maximum power point
tracking) is included !
Solar Tracker (optional) will increase daily yield ( 40-55%
in summer)
Pump may be mounted horizontally or vertically.
Pump motor must be submerged
It may be placed inside a 4 (10cm) or larger well casing,
suspended by a rope
Float switch for tank shut off if full.
Well probe sensor to protect pump from dry-running.
2 year against defects in materials and workmanship