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Natural Rubberised Coir

  1. Long coconut fibers coated with natural latex resin forms one of the most perfect product for spinal support and ventilation with an added feature of a far-infrared ray emission from the mattress and germ-resisting properties.
  2. This is favoured by a person who likes a little harder one than latex foam and good for a person who sleeps on the stomach and suffers with heat rash. The mattress is convenient for sun-dry and water-washing. It is ideal for a long-disabled patient and babies.
  3. A feature of its natural material is that it offers coolness in summer and warmth in winter.
  4. Hardness is good for long-term comfort and for the spine.
  5. The coir mattresses have no problem of rust and noise encountered with metallic springs.
  6. This product is easy to wash and clean by simply opening a zipper for the sides.