Pentax Hair Tonic

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Punjab, India
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Pentavox Herbals
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100% Rare, Unique, Safe & Above all a Herbal (ancient) Solution For complete Hair-Care




Following the footsteps of the discoveries made by Great Sages & Acharyas, the Herbal Division of PENTAVOX, with the untiring efforts of its dedicated, experienced & highly qualified team of Herbal technocrats & Scientists, Plant-microbiologists, Pharmacists, Agriculturists, Bio-technologists and above all The Ayurvedic Vaidyas (Specialist Ayurvedic Physicians),  has formulated the most  precious tonic for complete care of hair in the form of PENTAX HAIR TONIC, which has specially been crafted & processed by picking up the most precious & rare herbs, minerals & trace elements found on this earth.

Pentax Hair Tonic is Sesame Oil base processed in decoctions & juices of 3.33% each of Nymphoea stellata, Terminalia belerica, Emblica officinale, Terminalia chebula, Melia azadirachta and solution of Crude Iron Sulphate (as natural mineral ore) along with percoctions & pastes of Herpestis monniera, Lawsonia alba, Jasminum grandiflorum, Pongamia glabra.

PENTAX HAIR TONIC maintains hair strength & vitality with sensational cosmetic properties to keep hair healthy & shining and add lustre to beauty & hair styles. Regular application checks premature graying, falling, splitting & thinning of hair besides being helpful to eliminate dandruff and prevent its recurrence. In a nutshell, Pentax Hair Tonic


  1. promotes hair-growth instead of causing baldness;
  2. protects hair instead of damaging them;
  3. provides rich nourishment to scalp & hair roots;
  4. helps in eliminating dandruff & other fungus infections of the scalp;
  5. prevents premature graying, falling, splitting & thinning of hair; and
  6. restores the lost lustre of hair by providing a natural conditioning effect to the hair.


Antidandruff Property: Dandruff is due to the excessive discharge from oil glands. The scalp sheds loose flakes. Emblica.officinale, Henna, Jasmine, Pongamia glabra & Herpestis monniera check the excessive discharge of oil from oil glands & help in eliminating dandruff.


Antifungal Antibacterial Antiparasitic & Antiseptic Properties: Fungus & bacteria attack dry hair. The infections can also be from infected in­struments of barbers. The common fungi are Triphyton, Microsporium, Tinea barbi, Tinea capatis. Various alkaloids present in Lawsonia alba, Herpestis monniera, Acacia.concinna, and Pongamia glabra help Pentax Hair Tonic act as an antifungal, antibacterial, antiparasitic and antiseptic agent also.


Pervents Hair Falling With Proper Nourishment of Hair: Pentax Hair Tonic prevents the falling of hair. Vita­min-C from Emblica officinale, Iron from Sulfate.ferreux, Calcium from Ivory powder and natural tannins from Terminalia chebula & Terminalia belerica strengthen hair roots by properly nourishing the hair. Brahmine alkaloid from Herpestis monniera is a nervine stumulant and the nerves thus stimulated by H. monniera give strength in hair grip­ing. The usual rate of growth of hair is about 1/2 an inch a month but it grows more during summer. A well balanced diet helps the hair to have to healthy growth & strength.


Making Hair Soft,Silky & Shining: To maintain the hair soft & silky Vitamin - C plays an important role which is present in Emblica.officinale in sufficient quantity. Henna is also a natural conditioner which gives natural lustre to the hair.Promotes Hair Growth And Maintain The Blood Flow of Scalp: Emblica officinale, Henna and Heerakasis act as a hair growth promoter as already explained. Gallic acid, Tannic acid and starch present in Nymphoea.stellata also act as nutrients to the hair. Ivory powder when massaged over the scalp main­tains the blood supply to the hair root.


Coolent Effect: Emblica officinale, Henna, Pongamia glabra also act as coolents when applied to scalp, with their cooling effect.


Astringent Effect: Henna, Brahmi & Amalaki, the constituents of Pentax Hair Tonic act as astringents and are used for healing the hair by checking the secretions of the glands of scalp.


Protects Splitting, Thinning & Brittling Of Hair:  Pentax Hair Tonic prevents the splitting and breaking of the hair. Chemical dyes, bright sun light and caustics which are present in shampoos are the main causes for  splitting, thinning and brittling of hair. Dry hair usually split at the ends. Back combing, use of tight rubber bands, curling treatments also add to splitting & brittling of hair. Pentax  Hair Tonic also provides elasticity to the hair due to aromatic oils present in its ingredients.


Unlike other formulations, Pentax Hair Tonic, is a balanced formulation of natural vitamins, proteins & other supplements, essential for the nourishment of hair, specialises for exclusive use as a complete hair care kit.

Directions for Use: Apply 5-10 drops of PENTAX HAIR TONIC on scalp and massage thoroughly through hair roots with finger tips for 5-10 minutes daily.