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Phaeton Solvent UD-3278D inkjet printer/Youtube keyword: UD Printer

FOB Price: US $100 - 1,000 / Unit | Get Latest Price
Min.Order Quantity: 1 Unit/Units
Supply Ability: 1000 Unit/Units per Month
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
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Quick Details

Inkjet Printer
Plate Type:
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Automatic Grade:
Color & Page:
L5,086 W1,230 x H1,670mm

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Wooden case
Delivery Detail: 2-4 weeks


Adopts SII Printek Inc. SPT printhead

(i)Full aluminum platform

(ii)Individual positive pressure cleaning

(iii)X, Y axis AC servo motors Electric drive pinch roller

(iv)Plastic Bar Pulling Material

 (v)Bearing rail, stable and long durability



Printhead                           SII Printek Inc

Number of printhead8 Heads
Maximum print width3,200mm
Print Speed (m2/h)Print modeStandard output(m2/h)
D2 PASS 157
S3 PASS 109
Q4 PASS 85
C6 PASS 53
Ink                                                 Type:Solvent Ink / ECO Solvent Ink
Color :Double 4 Color (C,M,Y,K)
Capacity:1L or 5L per Main Tank of Each Color
Ink Supply SystemLow Ink Dectector, Auto or Manual Ink Supply System
Media WidthMaximum 3,300mm
Media TypeVinyl, Window Film, Polyester, Flex, Back-lit Film, etc.
Auto Media Feeding SystemEquipped (Max. Media Weight 80kg)
Auto Cleaning SystemIndividual Positive Pressure Cleaning                         Anti-clogged Flash Function & Capping System
Pre-heating & Drying SystemEquipped
Print InterfaceUSB 2.0
Printhead Height2 to 6 mm from Media
RIP SoftwareMaintop, Ultraprint, Photoprint, Wasatch, Topaz, etc
Input PowerAC 220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Machine Dimension / N.WL5,080 x W1,230 x H1,670mm / 913KG
Package Dimension / G.WL5,290 x W1,260 x H1,980mm / 1370KG

The Speed data varies in different computer.                   Inkjet printer prints with fine ink dots, so the printing colors may be different along with the chnage of printheads.                  When printing with serveal printers at the same time, a difference in printing colors may exists due to a difference exist in every single printer.





http://youtu.be/eVi-GPOzAuI         Shanghai Show 2014


http://youtu.be/tvJ_xudVnlI         USA Show 2014


http://youtu.be/WFWfJMY_f10       Turkey Show 2013


http://youtu.be/Zm4hbhdv3Lw       Shanghai Show 2013


http://youtu.be/2cy38SQx0QQ       USA Show 2013


http://youtu.be/UqFVuKWj1x0       Turkey Show 2012


http://youtu.be/CUL0obkvtNM       Mexico Show(2) 2012


http://youtu.be/x4kn5QnzEx4       Mexico Show(1) 2012


http://youtu.be/tG8AJD6rEWQ         Malaysia Show 2012


http://youtu.be/yBFDRMFchZs          Brazil Show 2012


http://youtu.be/HbFhtRQImnQ         Poland Show 2012


http://youtu.be/TR2xgpn4YZ0              Shanghai Show 2012


http://youtu.be/bQNNM--KkBU         UK Show 2012


http://youtu.be/ASnIg-EmJN8         Guanzhou Show 2012


http://youtu.be/bpV6Vjb17qM          USA Show 2012


http://youtu.be/dyeE4ao3TuY          Turkey Show 2011


http://youtu.be/uuyPVPKxGKs         USA Show 2011


http://youtu.be/yBIhoAtxI18           Romania Show 2011


http://youtu.be/4HIXpz7C-l8         Colombia show 2011


http://youtu.be/w67syri3gRY        Poland Show 2011


http://youtu.be/f7WGW2Y25fw        Dubai Show 2011


http://youtu.be/bm2kf_qIPas                 Indonesia Show 2011


http://youtu.be/DfZJavlW3cc               Shanghai Show 2011


http://youtu.be/X0axiIlqs40           China Dong Guan Show 2011


http://youtu.be/a1SATSKtzdk            Sri Lanka Show 2010


http://youtu.be/tCj8yU43NI0                Thailand Show 2010


http://youtu.be/UIQtCEt88W0                USA Show 2010


http://youtu.be/PxFb-ajFL9c                   Brazil Show 2010


http://youtu.be/8gDRITwII-Q                Iran Show 2010








http://youtu.be/p3Isda5dkac                    UD-3286E Promotion 2012


http://youtu.be/vT45p5S-dFw             UD-1812LB Polyester printing


http://youtu.be/Z0XRmgIEwWc            UD-1812LA Dual DX5 4 pass printing


http://youtu.be/rNZD5bm_Yuw          UD-181LA Film Printing Video


http://youtu.be/kAuTLUmzJOM          UD-181LA Printing PVC Foam Board & PS Board


http://youtu.be/M2UDdnoxAhc              UD-181LA Promotion Video


http://youtu.be/N2xraya-TUU              UD-181LA Demonstration of PS Board


http://youtu.be/ft8MCJaqPP4               Dual Head Cap Station Adjustment


http://youtu.be/LJ7LxWDKIOQ          UD-2512FB 8PASS Bi Acrylic


http://youtu.be/XQLFLa1kCZE       Cap replacement


http://youtu.be/0i2JI6hXBVU         UD-251LA DX5 M2 Printed by Danny


http://youtu.be/rrasKW9IDjs       UD-3286E UD-2 Ink Printed by Ivan


http://youtu.be/EuKyuQecwcA     LA Motor feeding package 1


http://youtu.be/M_LteVw9QvU     LA Motor feeding package 2


http://youtu.be/RmLBUDyTfz8     UD-161WA, UD-1612WA-Motor feeding package 1


http://youtu.be/DPuiwtmdlV4     UD-161WA, UD-1612WA-Motor feeding package 2


http://youtu.be/sAoRC5cDmgw     FY-3286J








Ender user


http://youtu.be/to7X9vPBwQk   Bangladesh UD-3206Q(2013)


http://youtu.be/3QTqyeA8fF4     Singapore UD-181LA(2013)


http://youtu.be/BEnfjOYrfW8     Singapore UD-3206Q(2013)


http://youtu.be/ql5-K1-K2uM     Bangladesh UD-181LA(2012)


http://youtu.be/D8UlirIbayE     Bangladesh UD-3206E(2012)


http://youtu.be/jmiMghVvOak   Bangladesh UD-3206E(2012)


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http://youtu.be/ZOZ2cx-SdYU     Bangladesh UD-3208E(2012)


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http://youtu.be/gm7D8tRpCzY     Brazil UD-3286E(2012)


http://youtu.be/Wg30XHVYbs4     Colombia UD-181LA(2012)


http://youtu.be/rxKLEJr3fyQ       Colombia UD-181LA(2012)


http://youtu.be/lMga_UTkiPM     UK UD-211LA(2012)


http://youtu.be/LMtXqVCP46w     UK UD-211LA(2012)


http://youtu.be/kR6JGsHfWqQ     Guatemala UD-2112LA(2012)


http://youtu.be/w2rq9Tk9_W0     Guatemala UD-2112LA(2012)


http://youtu.be/MdSkriO0NTc     Iran UD-181LA(2012)


http://youtu.be/vcVaiv_KFLA       Iran UD-3208G(2012)


http://youtu.be/RqtT6U852OM     Peru UD-1812LA(2012)


http://youtu.be/MpqBQw7MbMQ   Philippines UD-211LA(2012)


http://youtu.be/omLOGlBzXz0     Philippines UD-211LA(2012)


http://youtu.be/wr9hsIwwNcQ     Philippines UD-2112LA(2012)


http://youtu.be/tJSmLvPA0V4       Philippines UD-3206H(2012)


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http://youtu.be/mWJE4D1Jsgc     Thailand UD-181LA(2012)


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http://youtu.be/S8wuLE2LclU       Taiwan UD-2512LA(2012)


http://youtu.be/_GgT0BOTgjI       Taiwan UD-3278D & UD-1812LA(2012)


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http://youtu.be/ZPHRNhCDFfQ       China UD-3278D(2012)


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Universal Digital Technology Equipment Ltd., founded in 2005, is the manufacturer that specializes in developing, manufacturing and selling professional sign equipment. Our headquarters were moved to the new factory for structural expansion in July, 2008. Our new factory is located at Huiyang Economic Development Zone in Huizhou City, Guangdong province. It covers 38,000 square metre.

We have four buildings for full production line. Our well-equipped modern factory provides a firm fo... View detail

Basic Information

Business Type: Manufacturer  
Main Products: inkjet printer,solvent printer,printer,printing machine,large format printer  
Number Of Employees: 201 - 300 People  

Trade & Market

Main Markets: North America
South America
Eastern Europe
Southeast Asia
Mid East
Eastern Asia
Western Europe
Central America
Northern Europe
Southern Europe
South Asia
Domestic Market
Total Annual Sales Volume: US$10 Million - US$50 Million  
Export Percentage: 41% - 50%  
Trade Shows: Shanghai Int'l Ad & Sign Technology & Equipment Exhibition    

Factory Information

Factory Size (Sq.meters): 30,000-50,000 square meters  
Factory Location: Sanhe Economic Development Zone, Huiyang, Huizhou City, Guangdong P.R.China.  
No. of Production Lines: 2  
Number of R&D Staff: 11 - 20 People  
Number of QC Staff: 11 - 20 People  

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Experience: Established 2010 , 8 years OEM

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