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Brand Name:
Quantum Pulse
Place of Origin:
Colorado, United States


This machine is a technological breakthrough that enhances the human body by helping it reach its optimum vibration and energy

The Quantum Pulse


There are more than twothousand machines in operation globally. We offer Quantum Pulse sessions at our center in South Africa and have a sub-branch in the United Kingdom.

The (akaVIBE Machine - Vibrational Integrated Bio-photonic Energiser) is abio-photonic, pulsed frequency electromagnetic field generator. It wasdeveloped by Gene Koonce in Colorado, USA and isbased on Rife, Tesla & Lakhovsky technologies.

In short, The Quantum Pulse:
- makes use of resonant vibrational effects to energise all the cells in the human body
- is a completely non-invasive and gentleprocedure (no wires attached, etc)
- provides natural detoxification,allowing your body's own healing and metabolic functions to return to optimalperformance
- offers short sessions, lasting up to a maximum of 20 minutes
- offers and incredibly subtle approachto healthy cell regeneration and body balancing that you canfeel (Translation: Anti-Ageing Effect!)

Through the cumulative effects of the Quantum Pulse, mental clarity andphysical vitality is restored!