Resistance to high temperature corrosion metal bellow expansion joint

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Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel,SS201 /SS304/ SS316
Flange, bellow expansion joint
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Henan, China (Mainland)
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rectangular, Circle
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Flange and take over
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A grade
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Rubber compensator expansion joint
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Forty percent
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landing site HENGZHONG
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bellow expansion joint:
1.Packaging Detail: Each joint in carton box, then into plywood case,Plywood cases suitable for sea transportation.
2.Wooden box size:one meter long high width
3.Wooden box reproduced quantity:50sets
4. Settlement way:Advance deposit payment prior to delivery of the goods production, the one-time payment.Or collected by the logistics company.
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Normal delivery:7-15days.Spot goods delivery:7days.
   Resistance to high temperature corrosion metal bellow expansion joint    
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1. Product Specification
Bellows , it is customary also called expansion joints, or expansion joints . Constitute a body of work by a bellows ( an elastic element ) and end tube , brackets, flanges, pipe and other accessories .

 bellow expansion jointClassification
Disposable bellows compensator U -shaped metal expansion joint bellows compensator dimensional pulverized dedicated bellows hinge bellows (JJL type ) curved pipe pressure balanced bellows Ball type stainless steel bellows QB so .

bellow expansion joint Works
Bellows bellows are used to take advantage of the effective elastic element stretching deformation to absorb pipelines, conduits or containers such as those caused by the expansion and contraction of the dimensional changes of a compensation device , is a form of compensation components. Available for axial, lateral and angular displacement of the absorption.

bellow expansion joint Standard bellows
bellow expansion joint  Standard Number : GB / T 12777-2008

bellow expansion joint  Standard Name: Metal bellows expansion joints General

2008-08-04 release ,2009 -02-01 implementation

Promulgated Department: Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, China National Standardization Management Committee

Non-metallic flexible compensator

Non-metallic flexible compensator : also known as non-metallic expansion joint , non-metallic fabric compensator can compensate for axial, lateral , angular , with no thrust bearing design simplification , corrosion resistance , high temperature , noise damping characteristics , especially suitable for hot pipes and pipe smoke .

Non-metallic flexible compensator connection

1 , flange connection

2 , take over the connection

The characteristics of non-metallic flexible compensator

1 , compensate for thermal expansion : the direction can be compensated more , much better than only a single metal compensator compensator .

2 , the compensation installation error : As pipe connections , the system then the inevitable errors , better compensation fiber compensator installation errors.

3 , muffler vibration : fabric , cotton insulation body itself has a sound absorption, vibration isolation transfer function , which can effectively reduce the boiler , fans and other system noise and vibration.

4, no reverse thrust : As the main material for the fabric , inability to pass . Fiber compensator simplifies design, to avoid the use of large bearings, save a lot of materials and labor .

5 , good high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance : use of fluorine plastic , silicone material has good resistance to high temperature and corrosion resistance .

6 , good sealing performance : a relatively complete production assembly systems, fiber compensator ensures no leakage .

7 , lightweight , simple structure, easy installation and maintenance .

8 , the price is lower than the metal compensator, quality is better than imported products.

Stainless steel compensator

Stainless steel compensator type

1 , straight type 2 , duplex 3 , angle type 4 , square


Stainless steel compensator can compensate for axial, lateral , angular , with no thrust bearing design simplification , corrosion resistance , high temperature , noise damping characteristics, especially suitable for hot air ducts and smoke pipes.

Metal bellows

The reliability of the metal bellows is by design , manufacture , installation and operation management and other aspects of composition. Reliability should also be considered from several aspects . Material selection used for heating pipe network bellows selection, should be considered in addition to the working medium , the working temperature and the external environment , we must also consider the possibility of stress corrosion , water treatment agent , and pipe cleaners on materials , etc. and on this basis, combined bellows materials, welding, molding , and material cost performance , preferably a corrugated tube production economical and practical material .

Under normal circumstances , the choice of the bellows material shall meet the following conditions:

( 1 ) high elastic limit, tensile strength and fatigue strength, to ensure the bellows work.

( 2 ) good plasticity, easy bellows forming, and can by a subsequent treatment process ( work hardening , heat treatment, etc. ) to obtain a sufficient hardness and strength .

( 3 ) good corrosion resistance, bellows meet work requirements in different environments .

( 4 ) good weldability , the bellows in the production process to meet the requirements of the welding process .

2. metal bellow expansion joint Production process
 one automatic longitudinal seam welder for S.S Sheet of DN400 bellow which is the largest in the country, one automatic and hydraulic forming machine for DN400 circular corrugations, 35 sets of various-size advanced hose production lines, a country’s largest braiding machine of 128 spindle and 28 other braiding machines, an independent pressure test room for metal hoses. We can supply different diameter metal hoses from DN6~DN800 to meet all your requirements.  
3. metal bellow expansion joint   Application Range
Refineries •    Power Plants •      Steel Plant •   Nuclear Installations • Fertilizer Industry •       Pharmaceutical Industry •       Cryogenic Service • Chemical Industry •  Boilers • Paper Plants •       Lubrication Systems • Automotive Industry •       Steam, Hot Water, Pneumatic Service •    Ports & Ship Yards •   Defence Industry •       Piping
4.  metal bellow expansion joint  Packaging Exhibition 
5. metal bellow expansion joint  Warehouse Exhibition
bellow expansion joint
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7.introduction about our all kinds product

bellow expansion joint



  bellow expansion joint


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