Retinol Hydro Clear Gel Eye Patch

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Gyeonggi-do, South Korea


Retinol Hydro Clear Gel Eye Patch

Proposition of Collagen

As you get older, your skin becomes rough and loses elasticity, due to various
harmful environments and the reduction in collagen. To maintain elasticity of your skin,
intensive care of collagen is necessary. Marine collagen enables to make your skin look
younger and elastic with internal and external balance in skin.

What is Marine Collagen?

Collagen is an important form of protein taking up 70% of skin protein. When collagen lacks, skin aging begins. Collagen generally starts to decline after 20 in age and causes skin troubles. That is why consumers use the products containing collagen. In recent years, however, various problems have been identified, such as mad cow disease, in the use of animal collagen. Marine collagen has the same properties of human skin and will recover skin functions and make your valuable skin clean and healthy.

What is Retinol Clear Hydro Gel

The Retinol Clear Hydro Gel use condensational enriched essences based on the high micro technology. By laboratory test, it has been proved that the most qualified material for skin care. Combinations of ingredients, natural flower plant extracts, directly carry essential nutrition into facial skin that encourages revitalizing and lasting beauty.


The Retinol called Natural pure vitamin, is very important intermediated transmitter to facial skin, provides moisture and nutrition into skin texture that would help maintaining skin healthier. The Retinol is an excellent vitamin element for brightening and removal effects.


The upgraded tri-peptide and plant extract provide energy to our exhausted , rough skin. Also, it protects skin from weakening and keeps up glossy and elasticity to our skin instantly.

Skin Homeostatic Element

It contains hub compound ingredient and depth ocean water, green tea extract, caviar extract, ginseng extract, aloe extract. It provides vitamin and minerals which our skin need, and it has effects on moisturizing, elasticity and nutrition.

Skin beauty effects of Collagen

1. Maintains moisturized skin consolidating skin moisture.
2. Helps metabolism of skin, while improves skin capillary functions.
3. Prevents skin troubles with an induction of a balanced sebum secretion controlling
4. Delays skin aging by reviving to healthy and thick skin and provides skin with elasticity
and gloss.