Right hand and left hand automobile driving simulator

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Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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easynew2013 (new)
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easynew--C (19")
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1.car components:clutch,brake,wipers,lights,steering wheel real
2.Right hand or left hand
3.use for driving school

It's use for driving school! Help you to save much cost during the training! 



Right hand or left hand drive available!



Our driving simulator use the parts of real car: clutch, brake,wipers, lights ,Car steering wheel .

The test:

1, through unilateral bridge, right-angle turn, lateral position Parking,

2,parking and ramp uphill sentinel start, wide speed limit through the door, 100

meters Modified stalls, undulating road driving, curve traveling, etc.).

The driving simulator's software
1, dashboard directional signs on the doors, and hardware support, a point

system operating errors and a voice prompt.
2, dashboard seat belt signs, and hardware support, a point system operating

errors and a voice prompt (prior to the commencement of a safety belt).
Driving simulation software used car and more freedom mathematical model to

achieve car, brake and accelerate the realistic simulation; another using the

latest computer technology to achieve real and realistic 3D scenes voice


1 driving mode selection
  Single Training: single cockpit independent training, internal training

scene when the other vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians from the system in

accordance with traffic regulations and traffic model issue, a virtual reality

of delivery will be cars, with the cars and so on.
  Passive driving: system configuration has been good according to documents

passive driving operate voice and video players suggested that the trainees

could not operate in accordance with the guidance of instructors voice

suggested that study, study and correct operation of the order. Passive

driving documents can be self-configuration, in accordance with its own

characteristics conforming to the training program configuration requirements

of passive driving documents. Passive beginner motorists driving function to

be very useful for students, suggested that if students did not follow

operational, the system will be error and the point system.
  Interactive Network: a central console can connect 25 cockpit up, networked

training scenes can be seen in other vehicles driven by the cockpit and the

cockpit to see other vehicles to drive by the lights, brake lights and heard

the other vehicles horn.

2 training courses Scene

Training scenes include:
General road: Scene in the railway junction, one-way street, limited distance

transmission, and so forth.
Expressway: Scene in the super-lane carriageway, export, and other traffic

signs, confirmed a distance of the tunnel, highway entrances and exits, and so

Urban road: Scene in the overpass, crossroads, Dingzi junctions ring Island,

Ring Road, pedestrians crossing the road, and so forth.
Dangerous path: Scene set a dangerous pedestrian suddenly across Highway,

across the



road suddenly appeared bicycles, car suddenly appeared junctions, road

maintenance and other dangerous conditions.
The training venues: Curve wearing pile, reversing shift, "8" Text Road,

rectangular detours and Snake Road, parking place, and whether the parking,

parking oblique, bilateral Bridge, the bridge unilateral right, left

unilateralism Bridge, the single convex Bridge, the double-convex Bridge, the

transverse direction, the more obstacles to riding a mountain road, ramp.
Venue 9: Through continuous obstacles, through unilateral bridge, right-angle

turn, lateral position Parking, parking and ramp uphill sentinel start, wide

speed limit through the door, 100 meters Modified stalls, undulating road

driving, traveling curve.
3 training weather choice
     Students can choose the "day", "snow" and "fog", "rain" and "dark night",

and the different weather conditions driving characteristics (for example, the

road surface very slippery snow, fog sight extremely poor, etc.) .
4 training models to choose
     Students can choose the "Santana", "jeep" and "Dongfeng trucks", "bus" as

a training vehicle, in the simulator on the characteristics of different

Five other vehicles choice
     Students can driving proficiency, the four kinds of levels within the

scenes to choose the number of other vehicles, the scene up to 60 other

vehicles to realistic simulation of the traffic flow conditions.
6 interface shows
     Stalls that training results, rearview mirror (left, right, center),

realistic car Instrument (speed, mileage, engine speed), the scene map. In the

training process, double-click the mouse, and the image can be realized face

overlooking the images switch between drivers, in order to clearly observe the

vehicle and the road surface of the location relations.
7 test adjustment function
     Whether it is normal machines, as long as they clearly open test

interface. Students model can be used as coaches operation curve.
8 players DCD
     With this feature, players can train car electronic version of the

teaching materials.
9 historical record and wrong Details
     After the training, trainees can view in the process of training the

wrong moves, and can schedule training achievements and mistakes down as a

historical record-keeping.
10 rehabilitation is now functional
  After the training, trainees can see the way to look down on the final 30

seconds of driving the process, thereby driving the wrong careful analysis of

the causes for subsequent correction.
11 regular training
     Students can set training time, a time to training, the system

automatically withdraw from the training interface.
12 operational error detection project
     Trainees operating system to operate parts of the correctness of the

judgment, such as whetherclutch at the start, such as red light warning.

Different from the previous version is different from judgment "Clutch-song

too soon" and the "engine speed is too low."
13 paperless examination
Paperless examination use of standardized questions, the question bank, a

total of 11 sets of questions (a total of 1,100 questions), and that could be

a random examination of each examination to be followed by questions. With

existing paperless examination system is the biggest difference: paperless

examination papers in the driving simulator systems integration, simulator can

be used for.
14 traffic signs, marking and traffic regulations
Traffic signs, marking the ban on all signs to prohibit marking, warning

superscript line, warning signs, guidance signs, instructions Marking,

directional signs.
Traffic regulations include: Law on Road Traffic Safety, the implementation of

the Law on Road Traffic Safety, road safety violations deal with procedural

requirements, approach road traffic accidents, road traffic accident

procedures, highway traffic management methods, motor vehicle registration,

motor car registration requirements, the motor vehicle driver training

management requirements for driver's licenses and motor vehicle use, traffic

regulations dealing with procedural requirements.