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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
South Africa
Brand Name:
Rocklite 'I' Fire Doors
Model Number:
Rocklite 'I'
Open Style:
Special Doors
Special Door Type:
Fire Doors
Door Material:
Class D:
2 hour fire resistance & insulation
Door Finishes:
Various Veneers, Steel Cladding or Formica
Class A:
1 hour fire resistance
Class B:
2 hour fire resistance
Sliding Door Type:
Partition Doors
Special Function:
Fire Protection
Product Material:
Wood & Monolithic, Asbestos-free Fire resistant core


Manufactured to SANS 1253:2003 and stringently tested by the SABS over the years with a proven fire protection rate of 3.5 hours

Manufactured to SANS 1253:2003 (edition 3) and stringently tested by the SABS over the years with a proven fire protection rate of two and a half hours. ROCKLITE fire doors have many other advantages over traditional fire doors.

  • ROCKLITE fire doors are lightweight, weighing only 29kg per standard size panel, and are easy to install. They are manufactured in a wide range of sizes and veneers to match existing surfaces.
  • ROCKLITE fire doors are supplied with a purpose-made 1,6mm steel frame with a 25mm rebate including one and a half pairs of brass hinges. Frames can be manufactured to suite all wall requirements including existing wall openings and partitions.
  • Constructed with an inner monolithic, asbestos-free, fire resistant core, ROCKLITE fire doors have reinforced steel inserts strategically located within the core material to strengthen hinging and hydraulic closure attachment.




                        Class A           Class B           Class D           Class E

Stability            1 hour              2 hours            2 hours            0.5 hour

Integrity            0.5 hour           1 hour              2 hours            0.5 hour

Insulation          0.5 hour           1 hour              2 hours            0.5 hour

Impact Test      n/a                    n/a                  yes                  n/a 

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS fire doors of all classes shall be assembled in the factory and supplied as a complete pre-hung door. For the purpose of easy erection and to avoid damage during transportation or during building operations, the door may be taken out of the frame, provided that the frames and doors are number-matched. Locks and closers may also be fitted on site by qualified personnel, in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.

  • STABILITY the door or assembly shall withstand the prescribed fire exposure and effectively close an opening without the doors moving out of the frame by more than 25mm.
  • INTEGRITY the door or assembly shall withstand the prescribed fire exposure without the development, at any point of the door, of a straight-through gap of width that exceeds 6mm.
  • INSULATION the door or assembly shall withstand the prescribed fire exposure without the mean temperature of the exposed face rising to more than 140°C initial ambient temperature, or the temperature at any point of the face rising to more than 180°C above initial temperature.
  • IMPACT TEST (class D assemblies only) enables the door to resist two successive impacts of a sandbag 250 mm in diameter and a mass of 27kg without the formation of any opening wider than 25 mm. This test, which is fully described in The South African National Standard Section 5.5 and 5.6.


Doors are clad with a variety of finishes including Masonite, Sapele Veneer, Commercial Veneer, White Oak Veneer, Poerier Formica and many more variants, as per customer requirements. All double doors are fitted with Slambars / Meeting stiles. A class D Fire door is finished with either veneer on external side and concealed steel cladding or steel clad on external side, once again, this is as per customer requirements.


Each leaf of a fire door assembly of class A, B, E or F may have only one glazed area or viewing panel of dimensions that do not exceed 100mm x 300mm or of diameter that does not exceed 200mm. Viewing panels shall not be permitted in class C and class D fire door assemblies. The viewing panel consists of double glazed clear Georgian Wired Glass fitted in double Steel Frames.

CLOSING DEVICE (door closer)

Each fire door assembly shall be fitted with a closing device that is compatible with the class of door used and that is of the type required. The closing device shall close the door, even though the door may have been pushed open to the limit of its travel.


Fastenings, including locks, latches, bolts or any combination of these, shall be of types compatible with the type and class of door and shall be as required. Mortice locks shall not exceed 150 mm in depth and 20 mm in thickness. When the doors are required to form part of the escape route, the fastening shall allow the door to be so installed that they can be easily opened in the direction of the escape without special knowledge or the use of keys or tools. We supply and install all ironmongery required by fire doors.


The width and rebates of frames shall be at least 25mm and the material thickness of steel frames should be at least 1,5mm for class A, B, C, & D doors. Frames of which the height does not exceed 2,08m shall have at least three hinges per leaf. All other frames shall have at least four hinges per leaf.


The width and height of a single-leaf door and each leaf of a double-leaf door shall be as required, but should not exceed 1,2m and 2,7m respectively.

Standard sizes for Single Fire Doors are 813/900/1000 wide x 2032/2400 high with a minimum of 1.6mm frame for a half/one/drywall partitioning.

Standard sizes for Double Fire Doors are 1511/1600/1800 wide x 2032/2400 high with a minimum of 1.6mm frame for a half/one/drywall partitioning.

No hinged fire door panel must exceed 1200mm wide x 2700mm high.