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The Herbal remedy
for skin diseases such as acne vulgaris, boils , skin rashes, blemishes, urticaria etc.

Naturally beautiful skin is clean, soft and supple, just like a child's skin. it glows naturally and is spotless.

skin problems are generally caused by impurities in the blood. Most remedies act externally and provide only transitory relief and do not address the root cause.

Safi purifies the blood and clears the skin from within leaving the skin glowing and pimple free.

Its 100% natural composition of 30 essential blood purifying elements and herbs ensure that pimples, acne blemishes not only disappear but seldom  come back.

Dosage : Take two teaspoons of Safi once a day and discover a new beautiful you.

Usage Under ordinary conditions two teaspoons of safi should be taken daily along with cup of water, milk or fruit juice for at least 20 days.

Preventive for skin and blood Problems: During Change of seasons, two tea spoons of safi should be taken at bed time with water .

Precautions:- Have a light diet. Avoid fried, spicy and rich food.

Presentation Available in 100 ml 200 ml & 500ml bottles