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High efficiency solar panels with 25yrs Guarantee
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Dear Green Business Community,

Everybody knows, it was Agriculture, Engineering, Textile and then it came Chemical and Biotech as most promising and emerging business in the world.

Do you know  WHAT IS NEXT in Business boom of 21st century after DOTCOM?


AND Blue water

Means Natural resources based business that touches everybodys lives, everyday.

Here we have found the business based our extensive research and team work of experts that will make you next successful business person

Lets start green revolution with green power called


PLG POWER LTD is inviting application for appointing Distributors and Dealers in your areas for the wide range of Solar Powered Products and SOLAR PANELS.

Does it sound good for your future business plan? Do not hesitate to fill up the attached application form and resent us to contact you soon.

We have plans to support whole value chains and our network by providing them all time support such as:


  Product / Market Survey.

  In-shop Display Arrangement And Stock Taking.


  Sales Staff Education And Skill Development Programme.

  Above Line Advertisement.: Newspaper, Radio, TV Commercial, Wall Painting, Road Sign, Exhibitions And Trade Centre Display.

  Below Line: Store Front Designs, PoS materials, Customer Care Exe., Display Monitor And Supervisor, Welcome Free Gift, Buy & Get, Ref. Gift.

  Sales Literature And General Awareness.

  Festive Offers.

  Dealers Training Camp & Product Knowledge Programme.

  Promotion Packages And Other Institutional Offers.

  Country and regional service center to support dealers and customers.

Please dont miss this  green and golden opportunity , do contact us now!


Its our great honour down to earth that you have selected the noble mission to save green planet, the mother earth and started taking care for countries 3rd security called energy security (after borders and food).

We at PLG POWER LTD is one of the premier quality solar module manufacturers in India having present installed capacity of 25MW. We are manufacturing & supplying high efficiency solar PV modules from 3 watts to 300 watts as per your requirement. It has been set up under the technical collaboration, a turnkey project by Spire Corporation, Boston, USA.

The unique features of PLG POWER LTD are:

ü      In-house manufacturing of high efficiency solar power panels that extract more power per watt, invested.

ü      Exclusive team for site survey, system design & integration and AMC & client relationship for our valued clients.

ü      Based on our extensive experience, Team, PLG POWER LTD would guide , assist and co ordinate for Drafting reports and letters, DPR, TEFR, PPA and other Nodal agency and govt. procedure*

ü      Our Finance team would help you to raise capital at attractive terms for solar power project from banks, PE and other institutional investors, based on promoters profile.

ü      Our energy advisory service team would help you to get offers on M & A and safe exit route for seed investors with maximum premium based on market value.

ü      We can also provide client specific solutions on ECC (Energy Cost Cutting), DSM, Energy Security based on EE & RE

ü      Carbon credit team would help you to get your project register with IPCC -UNFCCC for availing carbon finance & off setting CERC on long run.

Having received reorganization from accreditation body such as IEC, U/L* and ISO, now we are providing powerful solution for following sectors:


Ø      Solar large grid tied power plant under Central, State and Councils Scheme based on Feed to grid, Captive Consumption & IPP. (.5mw to 10mw)

Ø      Solar small grid tied power plant (5kw to 500kw)

Ø      Solar off grid power plant (1kw to 100kw)

Ø      Solar for technical power requirement such as emergency call box, solar railway communication system and repeaters, telecom tower back up.

Ø      Solar water pumping system

Ø      Banking back up power for RRB as per RBI guidelines

Ø      DRx clean power for clinics and health centre

Ø      BIPV & Complex Power plant for Builders & Developers

Ø      Solar lighting system for indoor and outdoor.( Rural electrification)

Ø      Solar battery charging gadget such as mobile, pda, laptop, testing centre.

Ø      Solar power system for off shore and marine security.

We welcome our new clients suggestions and input to make our product which fits to their shoe and appreciate product development joint efforts.

Please do not hesitate to contact undersigned for any specific information on PLG POWER Products and Services. To update your ideas to implement it now, visit online

With best regards,

Respectfully Yours,

Ramesh Moliya

(Sr.Mgr. Business Development)