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Place of Origin:
Texas, United States
Brand Name:
Industrial Lubricant
Soluble Oil
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Packaging Details
Product is available in:
23 lt Pail
205 lt Drum


SWEPCO 910 is a high performance non-biocided, bio-static soluble cutting oil and coolant.

SWEPCO 910 is a high performance non-biocided, bio-static soluble cutting oil and coolant formulated for a wide range of light to heavy duty machining on ferrous and non-ferrous stocks.


  • Performance Advantage
  • Highly Solvent Refined 100% Parrafinic Base Stock
  • Highly Stable Emulsifier/Demulsifier Package
  • Extreme Pressure Performance
  • Rust, Oxidation, & Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Anti-Foam Additive
  • Effective Bacteria Control

In high production machining operations, the choice of metalworking fluid can have a significant impact on productivity and profitability. Speed of machining, quality of the machined parts, operator health, shop cleanliness and safety are all important concerns which are impacted by the choice of coolants and cutting fluids.

Swepco's 900 Series of Production Metalworking Fluids is a line of premium quality, extended service cutting oils and coolants, formulated to provide superior performance in a wide range of machining operations and metals. Large industrial machining operations and small machine shops alike can experience the many benefits of Swepco 900 Series Metalworking Fluids.

Whether the operation calls for a soluble oil, semi-synthetic or 100% synthetic, Swepco's 900 Series Production Metalworking Fluids provide solutions that improve productivity and enhance profits. State of the art chemistry provides superior lubricity and cooling performance while controlling corrosion, misting, bacteria, fungi, odors, foam and degradation caused by tramp oils, swarf and other forms of coolant contamination. Long sump life and enhanced tool life further insure maximum value for your metalworking fluids dollar.

Swepco’s industry-wide reputation for producing the very finest, high performance lubricants under strict ISO 9001 compliant manufacturing processes insures Swepco customers of the highest quality on a consistent basis and the latest, most advanced chemical formulations and performance properties.

Designed to give clean, efficient, long-lasting performance in all types of equipment, including sump and centralized coolant circulating systems, Swepco 900 Series Production Metalworking Fluids provide the best value in economical, water reducible metalworking fluids.


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