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Sapphire Tires


Sapphire Tire

SAPPHIRE TIRES manufactured by EVERGREEN RUBBER PHILIPPINES. Is the result of more than 30 years of experience in rubber-making technology that is in accordance to Philippine market standards. Each product undergoes rigid testing to assure consumers of its quality. It is indeed proven that SAPPHIRE TIRES is superior in performance

  • HIGHLY DURABLE – the surface of the tire uses Nanomaterials, which is more durable than other tires in the market, according to tests.
  • 6 LAYERED DESIGN – the wheel can withstand heavy loads and prevent explosion which makes it outstanding
  • RIGHT COMPOSITION ANDDESIGN – the hardness of the wheel is just right to provide a comfortable drive and ride.
  • LONGER-LASTING – modern manufacturing process ensures aligment and seamless design which gives added protection to the interior of the tires

Please Contact: +63-2-4208421 / 4750982