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Tea Drinks
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Pu'Er Tea
Bag, Gift Packing
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Schisandra tea
Place of Origin:
South Korea


Omija helps your good healty and prevents curing kidney disease, coughing and asthma.
contents: Schisandra tea 700ml

  Omija helps your good healty and prevents curing kidney disease, coughing and asthma.
contents:  Schisandra tea 700ml


  contents:  Schisandra tea 700ml / 1000 ml


  Sweet Spicy Bitter Sour Salth

       Five Taste Berry Omija

               Is delicious and health Tea


  Hat Bit Goun Maeul have devoted ourselves to manufacture high quality of products which will

satisfactorily meet customer's demand, under the benefit of clean natural surroungings.


  "We convey a real fresh flavor of nature to you"

  Hat Bit Goun Maeul have grown Omija in the most clean area in Hamyang, located closer to the

Chiri Mountain.  After the process of aging naturally for 1~3 years in traditional pottery, we

enable to provide you with natural efficacy and flavor as it is, without using any additives or



  We will give you a taste of nature.
 The Schisandra chinensis tea of Hat Bit Goun Maeul is fermented and matured in traditional

dark-brown-glazed pottery for on year, without using additives and antiseptics.  Its

manufacturing process has been minimized to preserve the original taste and effects of

Schisandra chinensis tea.  Moreover, it is qualified as a well-being roduct with perfect sanitary

and quality management


  Schisandra chinensis Tea
 The fruits of Schisandra chinensis have five kinds of tastes : Sweet Spicy Bitter Sour Salth.
Its tea is a well-being food that protects the lungs and improves blood circulation.
It also effectively adresses diabetes.



 Effects of Schisandra Chinensis
  Chinese medicine
      1. Schisandra chinensis cleans the blood and counteracts alcoholic poisoning.
      2. It strengthens both the male and female sex functions.
      3. It prevents cold sweating and relieves thirst.
      4. Is lowers the blood pressure.
      5. It protects the five internal organs and heals wounds.


      1. Cure for apoplexy
       - The five lignan components of Schisandra chinensis prevent the activation of neural poisons

generated from brain diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, and protect the brain

      2. Liver protection and poison counteraction
       - Is was reported that Schisandrin A and B were effective in 85.2% of acute hepatitis patients.
      3. Prevention of ulcers by restraining and supressing the gastric juices.
       - The Schisandrin and Gomicin A components of Schisandra chinensis prevent ulcers by

restraint and suppression the gastric juices.
      4. Strengthening of the activity of the central nervous system and improvement of blood

       - The schisandrin component of Schisandra chinensis is very effective for coughs and phlegm,

general prostration, nervous breakdown, and schizophrenia.