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RLA Seismic


Pictures shown are floor and wall covers installed on project site.


A seismicexpansion joint cover comprises a pair of elongated frame members, each ofwhich is adapted to be secured to a building member, one on one side of anexpansion gap and the other on the other side of the expansion gap, and each ofwhich has a planar support surface and an edge adapted to overhang the gap. Anelongated cover member spans the expansion gap and is supported on the supportsurfaces of the respective frame members for sliding movement of the framemembers relative to the cover member. A hold-down assembly resiliently holdsthe cover member in engagement with the support surfaces of the frame members.A multiplicity of deflector members on the cover member, each having aninclined surface that is engageable by the overhanging edge of one of the framemembers upon narrowing of the expansion gap during a seismic event, is adaptedupon such engagement to displace the cover member against the bias of thehold-down assembly to a position in which its side edges are not susceptible tocontact with any portions of the frame members or the building members uponfurther narrowing of the expansion gap. Gaskets are detachably connected to theside edge of the cover member and to the frame members.