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Silver is a very precious and important metal. It is mainly used in Photographic films, X-ray films,

Silver is a very precious and important metal. It is mainly used in Photographic films, X-ray films, Jewellery, Electricity trade etc. A major part of silver is consumed by X-ray and Photographic Industrial alone. In India, the share of mines in silver production is just two third of the total silver requirement. Rest one third is recovered from waste chemicals. If this precious metal is not recovered from waste chemicals, it will become difficult for the Nation to meet out the ever growing demand for the silver. The prosperity of a country is measured by its consumption of various type of photo films and it shows that: -
More consumption of Photo films means more consumption of Silver. Hence all the more necessity for silver recycling by extracting pure silver by Silver Extraction Plant. The Main sources of silver extraction are the waste solutions of X-ray Clinics, Photographers, Block Makers, Off-set processors etc. The aim of our business is the maximum extraction of pure silver from waste solutions to help the economy of Nation. 
Silver is a major cost component of photographic films. Every film, either X-ray or photographic, has a thin coating of silver over it. During image formation, silver transfers from image portion of film and comes to the fixing solution. By repeating the process time & again, more and more silver keeps on dissolving in fixer / hypo solution, till it stops working due to presence of excessive silver and gaining a saturation point. At this stage, it is exhausted and is called the waste solution. This rejected waste fixer solution is the basic raw material for the business of extracting pure silver. The concentration of silver in fixer / hypo solution varies from process to process and time to time. 
Extraction of silver with the help of SILVO machines is an economical, safe and profitable process. Before procurring or processing the solution, the silver concentration can be checked with the help of Silver Estimation Papers. Silver testing process is too simple that by dipping a small piece of silver estimation paper in the solution and comparing the change in colour with the accompanying colour chart, the silver concentration may be determined in grams per litre within five seconds. On comparing the prevailing prices of silver, the purchase price of fixer can be fixed accordingly. The operation of machine is a very simple process. By filling the waste solution into machine and connecting to the electricity mains, machine starts working and silver present in the solution starts depositing over the silver collecting blocks. After the stipulated time period, the whole silver present in the solution is deposited over the silver collecting blocks in the form of solid metallic flakes, which can be sold 'as it is' to any jeweller at current rate of pure silver.