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Snow Depth Sensor

The BDS-06 type device is used to measure the distance between the sensor heads and any surface. The device is commonly used to measure snow depth in wintertime.

The sensor has two independent ultrasonic transducers to reduce the common uncertainty of the widely used "ping-pong" echo devices. Additionally for the maximum accuracy the device uses a unique method to eliminate all the effects related to the different parameters of the air like temperature, humidity, pressure etc.

An internal independent micro-controller controls the measurement to emit the searching pulses, receive the reflected beam from the reference target, then emit the another pulse to measure the propagation time from the surface then calculate the distance of the surface as a ratio of the propagation times according to the well-known distance of the reference object.

As an ordering option, it is possible to use the device with an LCD display and external battery. In this case the device could be used as an independent snow depth monitor device.

Technical data

Measuring Range 0 - 5 m Resolution 1 mm Accuracy 5 mm FSR

Output RS-485 System-6 or Modbus protocol Power 12 V/15 mA max.