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Delhi, India
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250Gms / 500 Gms / 1Kg / 2Kg / 4Kg / 4.5Kg / 5Kg in an air tight plastic, wide mouthed squarish container, with handle worthy of transporting anywhere in the world.

25Kgs / 40 Kgs / 50 Kgs in Fiber / Plastic Drums worthy of transportation anywhere across the globe.
170Kg in Metal Drum.


Soda Lime (CO2 Absorbent) for Medical, Diving, Safety, Mining, Petrochemical Applications. For removal of CO2 from breathable gases.

What is Akrosorb:

Soda lime is a Carbon Dioxide absorbent used for removal of CO2 mainly from breathable gases, in medical, military,diving,mining and safety applications.

Akrosorb (Soda Lime) is a versatile CO2 absorbent for removal of carbon dioxide and other acidic contaminants from gas streams. Akrosorb (Soda Lime) is an active compound of mixture of hydroxides. This active compound is formed by mixing calcium and sodium hydroxides that has high affinity for Carbon Dioxide. It is supplied as hard, porous, irregularly shaped granules or uniform shaped granules (as per customer specifications). These granules have been processed to maximize Co2 Absorption and minimize dust formation.

Akrosorb is available in a number of different grades, depending on the application.

State of art manufacturing process used for Akrosorb ensures that dust formation is minimized and no blockage of canister mesh or circuit piping takes place.

  • Akrosorb ensures best performance by minimizing hindrance to flow of gases.
  • No problem of dust contamination arises to the user and equipment,

General Application:

  • Akrosorb removes CO2 from breathable gases in: MEDICAL, MILITARY,DIVING,MINING, and SAFETY APPLICATIONS.
  • Akrosorb (Soda Lime) is used to absorb expired CO2 during Anesthesia (in operation theatres).
  • It is used for removing Carbon Dioxide from oxygen-based metabolism, in estimation respirators, breathing apparatus, diving rebreathers.
  • Akrosorb (Soda Lime) removes CO2 from manned closed atmospheres, such as submarine, and closed circuit breathing apparatus, such as rebreathers.
  • It is extensively used in navies, for use by divers in submarines.
  • Akrosorb (Soda Lime) has its major applications in breathable gas applications where CO2 levels need to be controlled, for example in medical anesthetic breathing circuits, mines, commercial and leisure diving rebreathers, or in submarines.

In these applications, the breathable air is recirculated for re-use and therefore any exhaled carbon dioxide needs to be removed in order to prevent a build-up of carbon dioxide to toxic levels.



Akrosorb granules are hard enough to ensure that the granules do not break down under high humidity conditions and remain in perfect condition to use without any degradation.


Akrosorb is available in two forms:

Non-indicating type:

Granules do not change color on absorption of CO2.

Indicating Type:

Changes color on absorption of CO2.

Indicating Type Soda Lime is available in 2 forms:

·        Pink to White on CO2 absorption

·        White to Violet on CO2 absorption.

Partical Shape and Size:

Particle size and shape are particularly important in terms of the performance of Soda lime in its intended application. All Akrosorb grades are irregularly sized granules, with low dust and excellent attrition resistance.

Akrosorb is also available in uniform shaped granules and pellet shaped granules depending on the intented application and customer specification.

Particle Shape:

Akrosorb (Soda Lime) is produced with an irregular shaped profile giving higher surface to volume ratio compared with other classical soda lime products. Technically, the irregular shaped profile ensures maximum CO2 penetration into the particles, by minimizing the distance to the center of the particle, thereby increasing the C02 capacity of the product.

Intrinsic capacity measurments have demonstrated that Akrosorb has significantly higher capacity for carbon dioxide absorption compared with other Soda Lime products.

Other Particle Shapes:

For certain applications, the profile of the particles is circular/cylindrical or as per customer specifications in order to achieve specific performance for that application. The water content can also be varied depending on the application.

The point to be ensured is that the shape of the granules should maximize CO2 absorption and minimize dust formation.

Particle Size:

Another key factor in the performance characteristics of Soda lime is the particle size distribution.

Particle size has an effect on the speed of reaction, which in turn affects the volume of the reaction zone and the capacity of the absorber containing the Akrosorb. In general terms, the smaller the particle size, the faster the reaction and the smaller the reaction zone volume. However, the smaller the particle size, the greater the pressure drop across the absorber which in some applications (particularly breathing applications such as diving rebreathers and medical anaesthesia) is a critical factor in absorber design. Therefore a well design particle shape/size will look to optimise these effects - an area where Akroncare has proved extremely proficient.



Akrosorb for Medical Application:

Medical grade Soda Lime is produced as per pharmacopoeia (IP/BP/USP) standards. The particles are extrudates with an irregular shaped profile that ensures maximum CO2 penetration into the particles, by minimizing the distance to the centre of the particle. Akrosorb (Soda Lime) is used to absorb expired Co2 during anesthesia (in operation theatres), in medical anesthetic breathing circuits, hyperbaric oxygen treatment chambers.

Akrosorb has application in Anesthetic systems in the medical operations to remove expelled Carbon dioxide due to respiration carried out by the patient or the user.


Diving and Safety Application:

Akrosorb (Soda Lime) removes carbon dioxide from the exhaled breath of a diver using a rebreather.

Akrosorb (Soda Lime) is used in navies, for use in submarines,in naval and tourist vessels and by divers.

It absorbs carbon dioxide in helium-oxygen breathing systems, hyperbaric chambers and scuba apparatus,diving rebreathers,saturation dive system for commercial deep sea diving,commercial & leisure diving rebreathers.


Application in Military (Submarines):

Akrosorb finds application in Military and Commercial Rebreather sets to take away exhaled CO2.

Submarines have a complex air filtration system, essential for maintaining the atmosphere within the submarine suitable for breathing whilst submerged. The carbon dioxide scrubbing system removes the CO2, generated via respiration, by constant circulation through a scrubber system filled with Akrosorb (Soda Lime).


Akrosorb absorbs CO2 in personnel rebreathers for mine (miners gas mask), fire and other safety systemsIt is also used in oxygen-based metabolism, in estimation respirators, breathing apparatus etc.


Petrochemical Industry

Akrosorb (Soda Lime) can be used in the petrochemical industry for removal of trace acidic contaminants  (CO2) in the production of high purity hydrocarbons such as propylene and ethylene.