Soft Feeling 10 Tassels Thick And Warm Wool Check Scarf

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US $9-27 / Piece | 300 Piece/Pieces Wool Check Scarf sample is available (Min. Order)
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800000 Piece/Pieces per Year
Ningbo or Shanghai
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Place of Origin:
Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
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Product name::
Soft Feeling Tassels Thick And Warm Wool Check Scarf
Check Scarf size::
68x180cm wool scarf
Check Scarf Structure::
woven fabric with print
Check Scarf Feature::
soft feeling and medium weight
Check Scarf Edge style::
Eyelash trims
Check Scarf useing::
Spring,Autumn, Winter
Check Scarf quality::
Check Scarf uniqueness::
Soft smooth fabric
Check Scarf Maintenance:
Dry clean only
Check Scarf sample::
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
One OPP bag for each Wool Check Scarf,100pcs Wool Check Scarf will be packed in one carton box.
Wool Check Scarf can also be packed according to customer request.
Delivery Time
25days- 35days


Soft Feeling Tassels Thick And Warm Wool Check Scarf
1.Material:100% wool
3.OEM and ODM
4.Neck warner scarf



Soft Feeling Tassels Thick And Warm Wool Check Scarf



The Wool Check Scarf design style comes from U.S.A. The Wool Check Scarf is made of 100% Mongolia wool and printed by screen model. The Wool Check Scarf with eyelash trims. This Wool Check Scarf is light and soft,which is suitable for Spring, Autumn and Winter.


 Specification as following:


cashmere,silk,modal,acrylic,cotton,viscose will be available
Standard size68x194cm 100x200cm
Your size is available
ColorYour color is available
Printscreen  print                            digital print
Your logo and label tag are available


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Below are the pictures of Wool Check scarf :







  Wool Check Scarf edge and tassel structure:



     Package For Wool Check Scarf


One OPP bag for each Wool Check Scarf . About 100pcs Wool Check Scarf will be packed in one carton box.


Wool Check Scarf can be packed according to your request.



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Condition Of Payment For Wool Check Scarf :

40% deposit by T/T before Wool Check Scarf producing, 60% payed before Wool Check Scarf shipping.


Shippment For Wool Check Scarf :








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To know mor

Knowledge of scarf’s material:




There are many kinds of scarves, general scarf is wove through different weaving yarn, divided into knitting scarf and weave scarf.Weave scarf divided into two ways,one called Yarn-dyed fabric.Dye first,then weave.Such as jacquard,twill,plain,dobby,etc.The other way is,weave the fabric first,then dye the finished fabric.Such as print,plain dyed,screen model print,digital print,etc.Knitting scarf is made of dyed yarn,which is suitable for winter.




Scarf divided into many pattern,such as long,square,medium,short and triangle.




Cashmere Scarf

Cashmere belong to rare special animal fibers,it is a kind of precious textile materials,people called it as "fiber diamond", "soft gold". Due to the Kashmir region of Asia in history was goat wool to European output center, so the international used to call for "Cashmere";Cashmere goats from comb take down the nap,among them with the produce of down goat fluff quality is best, every spring is a goat hair removal, the comb with special iron from goats on body grabbing nap, called raw cashmere. Wash the raw cashmere as opening, remove the raw cashmere, coarse dead hair and scurfy, called dehaired wool. Goat wool have white, green, purple 3 colors, among them the white is the most precious.




Wool Scarf

Wool is mainly composed of protein composition. It has good elasticity, hygroscopicity strong, good warmth retention property etc. With good wool production of nonwoven cloth, is limited to needled blankets, senior needled felt, etc of the few some advanced industrial cloth. General use is wool processing of short hair, kemp, through the acupuncture, stitch-bonded method production of carpet Joe placemat, acupuncture carpets sandwich layer, adiabatic heat preservation materials and other products. This kind of wool length is differ, impurity is high, the spinnability is poor, processing more difficult, the product can after chemical post-processing, in order to improve the quality.




Modal Scarf

Modal is Austria Lenzing company developed the high wet modulus viscose fiber cellulose regenerated fiber, the fiber raw material the European beech, first made the wood pulp, and then through the special spinning technology processing into fiber.. The product raw material are all natural material, no harm to human, and be able to natural decomposition, harmless to the environment. Modal fiber raw material is produced from European shrubbery, make wooden slurry after special spinning process produced, it is a kind of cellulose fibre, so with cotton as belong to cellulose fiber, is pure natural fiber.

The characteristics of Modal fiber is the natural fiber luxurious texture and synthetic fibre practicability close 2 for one. With cotton soft, silky luster, hemp of smooth, and the water absorption, permeability were superior to cotton, has higher dyeing rate, fabric color bright and full. Modal fiber with various fibre blended, mixed, such as cotton, hemp, silk and so on, in order to enhance the quality of the cloth, fabric can keep soft, smooth, play to their respective fiber characteristics, to achieve better take effect.




Cotton Scarf

Cotton, a kind of raw herbs, fruits like peach, with white fiber and dark brown seeds, fiber for textile and establishes flocculated with. Growing cotton belong to the Malvaceae cotton general. Its main composition of the substance is cellulose. Cotton fiber performance:Cotton fiber of high strength, good air permeability, wrinkle resistance difference, stretchability also is poor. Good heat resistance, second only to hemp, Acid resistance is poor, at normal temperature resistance to dilute alkali; To dye has good affinity, dyeing easy, chromatography is complete, colour and lustre is bright.




Bamboo Fiber Scarf

Bamboo fiber is from natural growth of bamboo extracted in a kind of cellulose fiber, is the cotton, linen, wool, silk after the fifth largest natural fiber. Bamboo fiber has good air permeability, instant water imbibition, strong wear resistance and good dyeing characteristics, but also has a natural antibacterial, bacteriostatic and divide mite, deodorization and anti-ultraviolet function. Life rhythm speeding up, a lot of young people for the details of the life began to ignore, even never interest. That life has many health hidden trouble, thus affecting the body health. Bamboo fiber fabrics in the 21st century the most potential health fabrics, is a real close skin products, with other products irreplaceable special properties and advantages.




Silk Scarf

Silk generally including mulberry silk, tussah silk, castor silk, cassava silk, etc. Silk is known as the "fiber queen", with its unique glamour is the favour of people of all ages. Silk, belongs to the protein fiber, silk contains 18 kinds of amino acids helpful to human body, can help skin maintain surface lipid membrane metabolism, so can make the skin keep moist, smooth.

Silk fiber is the only get the practical application of natural filament fiber, the silkworm to mucous solidification and become. Silk fiber because of silkworm feeding habits divided into many, including food mulberry leaf formation of mulberry silk fiber, food tussah leaves formation of tussah silk fiber and food cassava leaf, horse mulberry leaf, castor leaves formation of other wild silk fiber. Mulberry silk fiber and tussah silk fiber can put the filament fiber form retained to cluster formation of filament yarn, other several wild silk fiber can be changed form for short fiber in textile processing. In mulberry silk fiber and tussah silk fiber cluster formation of filament yarn, mulberry silk fiber filament yarn is the most important, which accounts for most of the natural filament yarn.




Viscose Scarf

Viscose fiber is regenerated cellulose fiber. It is a natural cellulose as raw material by the mercerization, aging, such as sulfonation process made soluble cellulose sulfonate, again soluble in dilute alkali liquor made from viscose, made by wet spinning. Using different raw materials and spinning process, could separately get ordinary viscose fiber, high wet modulus viscose fiber and pbo fiber and viscose fiber. Ordinary viscose fiber has the general physical and mechanical properties and chemical properties, and points cotton type, hair type and filament type, commonly known as artificial cotton, wool and silk. High wet modulus viscose fiber with high degree of polymerization, strength and wet modulus. High tenacity viscose fiber has higher strength and resistance to fatigue performance.




Polyester Scarf

Polyester synthetic fiber is one of the important variety.Polyester with very good setting performance. Polyester yarn or fabric after setting to create a flat, fluffy form or drape, etc. At present, the polyester fabric is marching toward wool-like, imitation silk, imitation linen, suede and synthetic fibre natural change direction.



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