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This Unit is capable of hatching 80 Quail, 25 Hen or 14 Goose eggs.
 Supplied with fully automatic heat control and excellent thermalproperties of the fiber glass cabinet ensure the least possibleconditions for egg incubation particularly in isolated rural villages.This incubator is developed exclusively for unemployed woman living inrural India to find themselves a self employement venture to supporttheir families.This project has been approved by IIT Madras, Chennaiand finaced by L Ramp.

Now we are negotiating with various NGOs to takethis product and impart training to women Folks to use this SolarPoultry incubator where there is no Electricity to hatch Eggs.

Temperature Control

Preciseand consistent control of temperature is essential for good hatchingresults. The fiber glass double skinned box with puff insulationfurther improving temperature stability and operational efficiency.Adjustment to temperature can be made by turning a nob. An indicatorlight shows the status of the control - whether the unit is warming up,stable or cool. The electronic proportional thermostat is wellprotected against power variation and also a battery is provided forpower stability. A 12V/ 40 watt Solar Photovoltaic panel is connectedto the battery with charge controller hence 24 hour supply is assured.

Egg Turning

Thiscan be done manually by turning each egg 4 or 5 tmes in a day. Thereare no internal Eletrical moving machanism associated with the eggturning. So nothing to trap or injure emerging chicks.

Humidity and Ventilation

Acomputer grade fan will provide fresh air flow throughout theincubator. Humidity is provided manually by water bowl kept outside theincubator which is connected to a perforated PVC piping system.

Incubator Dimensions

Fiber glass box with: Thickness - 2 inch

and Inner Length - 13 inch

Width - 10 inch Height - 12 inch

Weight 10 Kg.