Super Master Injection Molding Machine

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US $22,000-700,000 | 1 Piece/Pieces 0 (Min. Order)
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400 Piece/Pieces per Year
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Brand Name:
Asian Plastic
Model Number:
Super Master
Place of Origin:
Double toggle :
50~1400 ton
High Speed:
50~450 ton
Two Platen:
700~3200 ton
Energy Saving :
50~450 ton
Thermosetting :
50~450 ton
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By standard container
Delivery Time
30~90 days


Super Master Injection Molding Machine.
Clamping force: 50~450 ton



Super Master Series Plastic Injection Molding Machine


CDC-2000 Control System

Japanese-intacted Computer Controller within the extra-large 10.4(TFT) colorful LCD screen demonstrating  for the dynamic motion-graphic. Enlarged the memory capacity for saving the condition of the mold formation data automatically. Enhanced the internal mold no copy skill and the floppy backup freely. Collocated with the RS-232 interface for monitoring the formation data by itself or printing out the parameter by the EPSON STYLUS COLOR printer.

ChineseEnglish & Japanese (or alternative) language can be freely selected and switchover from one to another at random. Facilitated to learn from the operation circumstances.

Graphic curve reappearance of the injection/plasticizing via by the SPC (Statistical Process Control) analysis.

3-stage of the digital back-pressure control independently (Optional).

Decompression before/after the Plasticizing selection function.

Automatic detection of the nozzle choke and the material overfeeding checkup function.

Injection closed-loop & auto holding-pressure selection function (Optional).

6-stage of the injection control (stroke-dependent).

4-stage of the holding-pressure control (time-dependent).

Automatically holding-pressure switchover controlled by the time/position/pressure, the later must be installed with the transducer (Optional).

3-stage of the plasticizing control (stroke-dependent) and the screw RPM value display.

Barrel temperature TIMER function and the auto pre-heat selection function.

K-type thermocouple failure detection function.

Accuracy PID temperature control mode.

Temperature heating curve comparison/display between the each zone.

Alarm detecting on the control of the high/low deviation temperature.

Barrel temperature controlled by the modes of theHEATER UP(ON)/OFF/STAND-BY(Pre-Heat) or under TIMER setting.

Nozzle zone PID temperature control independently (Optional).

High-accuracy position detection of the low-pressure mold clamping function.

Clamp & Injection all adopted as the high-precision optical ENCODER.

At least 4-stage of the mold clamping control (stroke-dependent) and the BOOST clamp selection function shortened the cycle time.

At least 4-stage of the mold opening control (stroke-dependent).

2-stage of the ejection forward control (stroke-dependent).

2-stage of the ejection backward control (stroke-dependent).

Auto Mold Thickness Adjustment (AMTA) and Auto Clamping Force Setting (ACFS) function.

100 sets of the flash ROM memory for saving the mold data


Super Master Series Plastic Injection Molding Machine


Clamping System

Optimum CAD (Computer-Aided Design) adopted as the Finite Element Analysis system to assure the high- efficiency transmission in the toggle mechanismsHuge opening stroke being provided and saving the energy consumption mutually.

Platen adopted as FCD50 (Spheroidal-Graphite Iron) materials to reduce the elongation/distortion and to assure the high-precision product and the reliability.

Tie bars made from the nickel chrome molybdem collocated with the self-lubricating of the graphite bronze bushes to assure the smooth motion and the long life.

Hardened steel toggle linkage pins/bushes within the high-frequency treatment provided the wear-resistance and the reliability.

Central lubrication system supplied by the Auto Lubricator as attached the oil slack alarm to assure the constant lubrication of the toggle mechanisms and to facilitate the maintenance.

Remission adjustment so-designed with the mechanical safety devices (SCOTCH/Drop Bar/Shutter) with multi- bevel sections freely facilitated the operation and assured the operators safety.

Differential hydraulic loop shortened the cycle time up to 60% in the velocity and the more energy saving.

Multi-stage of the mold opening/clamping speed/pressure control collocated with the high-precision optical ENCODER to assure the high-precision position control and facilitated the operation.

Ejector adopted as the high-precision potentiometer to facilitate the ejector position free setting in accordance with the molds by the more probable selection.

Low-pressure mold protection system reduced the mold damage excessively.

Injection System

Double injection cylinders design reduced the distance of the driven mechanisms.

Ion nitrided essential components barrel/screw provided for the hardness over than HV800 to enhance the wear-resistance/long-life characteristics.

Injection screw polished up with the MITSUISEIKI CNC Screw Grinder to provide the high-brightness / high-plasticizing rate for the stably homogeneous mixing.

Barrel (Cylinder) treated by using the high-precision honing machine to facilitate the raw material transmission and the pigment interchanging.

Multi-stage selection of the injection speed/pressure control collocated with the high-precision optical ENCODER by the position controlled, that it is suitable for the every precision product and facilitated the formation data real-time adjustment mutually.

99-step of the speed comparison directly drove the screw by the high-performance hydraulic motor.

Hydraulic System

Centralized manifold design by using the DAIKIN proportional flow/pressure valves provided the precision speed / pressure control in the stable process, also it will be reduced the energy loss and facilitated the maintenance properly.