Synthetic PET/PBT/PP/NYLON/PA/ Tapered Hollow Filament bristles for Brush

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US $1.5-12.5 / Kilogram | 500 Kilogram/Kilograms (Min. Order)
Supply Ability:
500000 Kilogram/Kilograms per Month
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Place of Origin:
Chongqing, China (Mainland)
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Plastic Modling Type:
Straight,Crimped,Hollow,Mini Hollow,Tapered Tips,Flagged,Flaggable
60 kinds of standard color
Paint Brush,Toothbrush,Artist brush,Cleaning Brooms,Industrial Brush
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Packaging Details
25kgs per carton
Delivery Time
Within 20-30 days, subject to the order quantity


Synthetic Filaments For Brushes/Brooms
Any Colors





Main Products:-


1.Nylon Filament

Nylon filament products are divided into six kinds according to the raw materials: Nylon 6, Nylon 66, Nylon 610, Nylon 612 ( Producing by the Chinese raw materials) , Nylon 612 ( Producing with US DuPont Zytel raw materials) and nylon 46 filament. The “DAMI”brand nylon filament is one of the superfine filament of our company.It has excellence mechanical performance, resisting assault, hard surface, wear-resisting.Low temperature performance and chemical stability is good.


2.PP Filament

PP monofilament is one of the lightest product in all filament at present, and the price is relatively cheap. It has good mechanics performance,low absorbency and good chemical stability.Besides it can be corroded by thick sulfuric acid and thick nitric acid, it is steadier to other chemical auxiliary. So PP filament is suitable for processing various cleaning brushes.


3.PBT Filament

PBT filament has excellent performance of toughness,resisting tiredness and shock. And its heat-resisting performance, climate-resisting performance, electric performance and bearing electric performance are good. Because of its moisture rate is low, it’s very suitable for processing the brushes which are working in the wet environment.


4.PET Filament

PET filament have the strongest toughness.It’s able to bear creep, resisting tiredness and friction. Its resisting chemical medicines ability and heat-resisting is good. It can be used in the temperature to reach 120°C for a long time, keeping good physical mechanical performance within the range of wider temperature.


5.PVC Filament

PVC filament's fire-retardant and chemical stability is good. It also can resist acid and alkali. And further, it has good soft and flagable performance,so it’s suitable for processing the wash car brush, industrial brush and brooms.


6.PS Filament

PS filament has higher rigidity, surface hardness and glossiness.It also can resist acid and alkali.So it's very suitable for processing the wash car brush and industrial brush,etc.Specially for processing the adornment of the Christmas tree.


7.PE Filament

PE filament has higher rigidity and toughness performance.Its resisting assault, cold-resistant performance and chemical stability is very good. It’s suitable for processing the wash car brush and house cleaning brush,etc.


8.PEEK Filament

PEEK filament is one kind of filament with good synthetic performance, heat-resisting,resisting tiredness, wear-resisting and workload.It also has excellent fire-retardant performance,self-snuff out perfomance,resisting irradiation and resisting hot oxidation performance.PEEK filament is steady to other solvents except dissolving into thick sulfuric acid and nitric acid,it will turn yellow. Generally it's used for processing high-class hair comb or industrial use,etc.


9.PPS Filament

PPS filament has good resisting creep perfromance,hot stability, wear-resisting, fire-retardant,self- snuff out perfomance and chemical stability.It’s able to bear sparse acid and alkali.PPS filament is generally used for industry.



  • Specification:-


Cross-sectionUpon customer's request
Cut lengthAs your request
Standard Cut Length1200mm
Bundle Diameter50±2mm
DensitySubject to different material
Melting PointSubeject to different material
PackagePE tupe or PVC shrink film,Paper Tube
Qualified TestsRoHS,EEC,FDA



  • Cross-section Available:-


  •  Crimp of Monofilament :-



CrimpFrequencyFilament SectionFilament DiameterCrimp Amplitude rangeAmplitude ToleranceFrequency ToleranceMatrial
Very Small Crimp(SSW)(More than 10crimps/inch)13round0.15-0.60<=DIA+0.05+-0.05mm+-2.0crimpsPA,PBT
Small Crimp(SW)(6-9crimps/inch)


6All shape0.20-1.001.5DIA-2.0DIA+-0.15mm+-1.0mmPA,PBT,PP,PVC
Medium Crimp(MW)(4-5crimps/inch)4.5All shape0.20-1.201.5DIA-2.0DIA+-0.20mm+-0.5crimpsPA,PBT,PET,PP,PVC
4All shape0.20-1.201.5DIA-2.0DIA+-0.20mm+-0.5crimpsPA,PBT,PET,PP,PVC
Large Crimp(LW)(2-3crimps/inch)3All Shape0.20-1.201.5DIA-2.0DIA+-0.20mm+-0.5crimpsPA,PBT,PET,PP,PVC
 2.5All Shape0.20-1.201.5DIA-2.0DIA+-0.20mm+-0.5crimpsPA,PBT,PET,PP,PVC
 2All shape0.20-1.201.5DIA-2.0DIA+-0.20mm+-0.5crimpsPA,PBT,PET,PP,PVC
Very Large Crimp(XLW)(less than 2 crimps/inch)1.5All Shape0.25-1.201.5DIA-2.0DIA+-0.20mm+-0.5crimpsPA,PBT,PET,PP,PVC






  • Quality Control:-


Our company has internal test equipment that meets international testing standards and sophisticated manufacturing requirements.
We will continue to invest in chemical research and chemical testing technology so that our products will fully comply with international standards.You can always count on us for technical information and assistance.

  • Chromatism Test——U.S.A X-Rite SP62 Spectrophotometer
  • Moisture Absorption Test——Electronic Moisture Banlance MOC-120H
  • Bending Recovery And Stiffness Test——Bendin Resistance Tester
  • Pull And Tensile Strength Test——Electronic Universal Testing KDIII-2
  • Bending Recovery Rate Test



  • Trade Terms:-

Trade terms: FOB Shanghai Port,China or CIF /C&F as customers reques.

Payment terms: 30% deposit and 70% balance before shipment.

Delivery time; Within 20-30 working days,subject to the order quantity.

HS CODE:54041900




  • DAMI Values :-

Multiple production plants

Global supply

Consistent quality 30-50% longer life,Quality assurance.

Fast delivery


  • Our Service:-


  •  Quality assurance.
  • Reply your enquiy in 24 working hours.
  • Experienced staff answer all your questions in fluent English.
  • Customized quality is available,OEM are welcome.
  • Exclusive and Unique solution can be provided to our customers by our well-trained and professional engineers and staffs.
  • Special Discount and protection of sales area provided to our distributor.



  • Our Company and Products information related:-


Dami Plastic and Metal Co.,Ltd is the subcompany of Hongda Group, Mainly produce filament include Filament for paint brush, filament for toothbrush,and abrasive filament,Main Material is PET,PBT,NYLON, PA6,PA610,PA612,PP.

We adopt high quality material from the U.S., Japan and Europe. Monthly capacity is over 300MT. We have more than 20 years of experience in providing of premium quality filaments at reasonable prices for all brush and industrial applications.



The products range based on material are as follows: -
- PA filament : Polymaid filament, Nylon6 filament, Nylon66 filament, Nylon 46 filament, Nylon 610 filament, Nylon 612 filament,
- PBT filament : Polybutylene Terephthalate filament,
- PE filament : HDPE filament, LDPE filament, LLDPE filament, Polyethylene filament, Polythene filament,
- PEEK filament : Polyether Ether Ketone filament,
- PET filament : Polyethylene Terephthalate filament, Poly(methylene) filament,
- PLA filament : Polyactic Acid filament, Polylactide filament,
- PMMA filament : Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) filament, Acrylic filament,
- PP filament : PPN filament, Polypropylene filament, Polypropene filament,
- PPS filament : Polyphenylene Sulfide filament,
- PS filament : Polystyrene filament,
- PVC filament : Polyvinyl Chloride filament,
- RPET filament : Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate filament
- TPU filament : Thermoplastic Polyurethanes filament.

The products range based on character are as follows:-

- Chemically tapered filaments : Single tapered and Double tapered.
- Hollow Section filament, X Section filament, Special Section filament,
- Dyed filament, 1-3 colour dyed filament,
- Heat-stabilized filament, High temperature filament,
- FR filament : Fire retardant filament, UL-V0 FR filament,
- Anti-electrostatic effect filament,
- Flaggable filament, Crimped filament,
- Negative-ion filament, tourmaline filament,
- Anti-microbial filament, Nano anti-microbial filament,
- Time indicator filament,
- Super fine filament in spool, bobbin, Super fine multifilament in spool and bobbin,
- Light conducting filament, Fluorescent filament, Christmas Tree filament,
- Artificial grass mat filament, Golf mat filament, Anti-UV filament,
- Bio- filament, Environment friendly filament,
- Light weight filament, foaming filament, Vesicant filament,
- Natural replacement filament,


The products range based on application are as follows:-

- Household brush filament : Floor brush filament, Broom filament, Cleaning brush filament,Shoe and Boot brush filament,
- Personal care brush filament : Lip brush filament, Eye defining brush filament,
Kakuki brush filament, Makeup brush filament, Cosmetic brush filament, Shaving brush filament, Nailbrush filament,
- Toothbrush filament,
- Paintbrush filament,
- Carwash brush filament,
- Strip brush filament, door seal brush filament, spring brush filament,
- Pipe brush filament, bottle cleaning brush filament
- PET brush filament
- All special industrial usage filament.

Our quality control system has been awarded ISO 9001: 2008 certificate, which ensures that our products safety, environment friendly, and reliability satisfy our customers and end users.