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Horse Balm (PFERDEBALSAM) 500 ml.

Horse Balm (PFERDEBALSAM) 500 ml.

in the form of:

all kinds of muscle pains
back pain
backbone pain
joints pain
injuries, contusion and swelling
troublesome pain in the legs

Brings the relief to sport injuries, physical endeavour, after the workout.
Thanks to its cooling effect it allows for quick joints and muscles regeneration after a hard work. Excellent absorption directly through skin gets the pain away very quickly and brings the refreshment. Works great as a prevention in the effect of heavy legs. The freezing and cooling effect appears just after the usage and pleasant aroma of menthol owes to the active biological ingredients. It cools down and vitalize thanks to rich and value extracts from Aesculus hippocastanum (Horse-chestnut), Arnica, Rosmarinus, Mint, Eucalyptus and Mayweed (Matricaria). It also contains menthol and camphor. The balm is neutral, brings the full refreshment, muscles and joints relaxation as well as the pain relief.

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