Toyoda-Sulzer Terry Looms

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SECONDHAND TOYODA-SULZER PROJECTILE TERRY WEAVING MACHINES WITH JACQUARD We are pleased to offer the following machines, subject to prior sale. As the below 4 Sets was consisting of a small weaving unit, all spare parts, accessories, tools, etc. available will be included in the deal. Specifications and details are: TOYODA-SULZER Projectile Terry Weaving Machines Type: PU 130" VSI 120 J D1 G Serial # TO5703 Year 1985 1 Set Type: PU 130" VSI 120 J D1 G Serial # TO5976, 5977 Year 1986 2 Sets Each Machine= 2 Full Length Warp Beams 800mm fl.dia. for pile 2 Full Length Warp Beams 940mm fl.dia. for warp 1.5 Cloth roll Positive Cam Shedding Motion for 6 heddle frames / 6 shafts installed Tappet Motion for the positive drive of the heddle frames for a max. of 8 picks repeat for ground please contact MR. VIPUL SONI Pick finding device with automatic reversing of the take-up motion 1 set of spacing blocks for raising the machine 115mm + 4deg. 1 pick counter for 3 shifts, maker Sanei, type 3 PA 1 motor pinion adjustable, max. 330 picks per min. 3 clamp flange 1 Tuckers at side LH & RH 1 square shaft for warp beam 45 x 45/1,000mm 1 square flange 4 Contact bars for warp stop motion, type Symmetric 1 Intermediate heddle frame guide attached to Hexagonal bar 6 heddle frames type Grob with 330 ED with separators 1 drive of heddle frames controlled by Tappet motion for ground 1 drive for tappet motion for 6 picks repeat 4 tappet cams 2/1 + 2/1 and 2 tappet cams 3/3 4 spacing rings, in place of tappet cams 1 set of change wheels, 10pcs 1 take-up roller, metalized no. FEG grit 1 cloth support 1 set of Projectiles, clamping force 2,200gms 1 weft package support VS 1 Set of cone holders for 8 cones, 54mm bore of the cone 1 weft brake, single brake 4 Weft stop motion, electronic ELTEX 4 Feeders MS for VSD 2 Weft Accumulators type IRO IWF "9107" with profi wagon 1 Set of Guide Teeth 1 Pair of Temples 1 Pick-Cramming Device 1 2-pile heights device 1 Lowering device 1 Empty Pick device (on 2 sets 5976 and 5977) 1 MURATA-SCHLEICHER Mechanical Jacquard 1,344-Hooks Type: PU 130" VSI 120 J KR D1 G Serial # TO5908 1 Set Each Machine= Same as above except stated below Positive shedding motion, for 8 heddle frames with 12mm pitch, including lateral frame guides Drive of the heddle frames controlled by dobby, for ground* * This machine was originally planned (to be supplied) with KR dobby for ground motion but no dobby was installed and machine operating on jacquard motion only. The machine is built for capacity to install a KR Dobby. For inspection, further details, etc. please contact MR. VIPUL SONI. Total Price: US$ 90,000.00 C&F Asian Port Condition : Excellent Delivery: Immediate PLEASE CONTACT VIPUL SONI